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15-October 2013

Mark Bosnich wants Sir Alex Ferguson to knock the Australian side into shape

Mark Bosnich says Australia need to target a top-class manager

Former Manchester United goalkeeper Mark Bosnich has called for Sir Alex Ferguson to take charge of the Australian national team.

The Socceroos are currently without a manager following last week's sacking of Holger Osieck, who was axed from his post after successive 6-0 defeats to Brazil and France.

And while the Australian Football Federation begin their search for a replacement, Bosnich has urged them to contact Ferguson, who retired at the end of last season, as their first priority.

'Well we've been throwing around a lot of things but there's one person that I haven't heard mentioned, even though I've got more reason than anyone not to suggest him, I'm just being honest and have had experience under him, so know what he's like, is Sir Alex Ferguson," said the former United, Chelsea and Aston Villa stopper.

That name hasn't been put about, but someone of that ilk. Either him or someone of that ilk needs to come down and start to put a few people in their place.

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