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04-November 2013

Can you guess the Tube stations from these cryptic picture clues?

London Underground 'Look for Longer' game is back for a second year

Click on the picture to play the game

Following last year's hugely popular Look For Longer game, in which players guessed the name of London Underground stations from cryptic picture clues, the designers have created a sequel.

Look For Longer 2 features 100 underground stations, 25 more than last year's game, and all the clues have been submitted by members of the general public.

Example clues include a road sign showing the number 007, for tube station Bond Street, and a dagger in a ham on the left of the poster for Dagenham East.


To guess clues, players hover over the image and click 'Have a guess'. A pop-up box will appear where the player can type their answer.

If it's correct, a tick will appear in the bottom box. If it's close, the middle box on the right-hand side changes to yellow, and if it's wrong a cross appears in the top box and it turns red.

There is a progress bar at the bottom of the interactive poster. The game is launching in 45 London Underground stations from today and is also available to play online.

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