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23-November 2013

You Don't Speak For Me Mr. Abbott

You Moronic Bastard

Tony Abbott went to Sri Lanka to praise President Mahinda Rajapakse, not to bury him under the weight of human rights abuse allegations that completely dominated this Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting.

"We are here to praise as much as judge," he told the forum's opening meeting, lauding the ending of Sri Lanka's civil war, and the development in the country since.

For his fealty, he was rewarded. Sri Lanka has vowed to further help Abbott with his number one domestic priority, "stopping the boats" of asylum seekers looking to come to Australia.

The countries' existing co-operation has been extended, with Australia giving Sri Lanka two patrol boats, so that asylum seekers might be intercepted before they leave Sri Lankan waters.

Britain, along with many other nations, is calling for justice for the countless thousands of innocent civilians that were tortured and massacred, men, women and children.

Not to be outdone, Tony Abbott weighed in on the issue and, when questioned about the massacre and torture of civilians, stated:

"We accept that sometimes in difficult circumstances, difficult things happen."

I have never heard of a country being given a free pass for genocide and torture before and those who committed some of the atrocities must be pleased to hear that someone accepts and understands what they have done and how difficult it must have been for them.

The photo's below are of some of the atrocities that Tony Abbott has accepted on our behalf when he uses the word 'We'.

However Tony Abbott not only accepted the actions of the Sri Lankan regime, which he says must have been 'difficult', but he also thought that giving a couple of gifts was appropriate.

David Cameron calls for war crimes investigations, Tony Abbott gives away gifts.

So what gift is appropriate to give a nation who used its military to commit massacres and other crimes against humanity?

More military equipment of course.

Giving military equipment to a murderous regime accused of appalling war crimes and atrocities, what could possibly go wrong?

Tony Abbott has given the Sri Lankan government two Navy Patrol Boats, for them to use in any way they see fit, in return for them clamping down on asylum seekers fleeing the country due to tensions that still exist and, in many cases, seeing their family members executed.

The gift of military boats to the nation the UN accuses of war crimes costs Australian taxpayers $2 million. The cynical may say Abbott is trying to emulate his idol John Howard who allegedly paid bribes to Saddam Husseinís regime via the Australian Wheat Board.

As mentioned, the use of the boats is totally unrestricted, and the Sri Lankans can arm them with whatever weaponry they like.

On 19 November, Fairfax reported the actions of a similar Sri Lankan patrol boat at the end of the civil war when it came across civilians in a fishing boat.

The Sri Lankan Navy has been the persistent subject of war crimes allegations, especially during the final weeks of Sri Lanka's civil war in 2009, when Tamils fleeing the ever-diminishing conflict zone in the north-east of the island tried to escape by sea.

From the article:

Sri Lanka's Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission heard evidence from a woman who tried to flee in a fishing boat in the final days of the war, in May 2009: ''We held two white flags and on seeing the navy we called them, 'Aiya, Aiya [Sir, Sir]'. There was sudden shelling and eight died on the spot, navy hit, navy attacked and many people died.''

A message needs to be sent to Tony Abbott that his actions and his words on this matter are not just inappropriate, they are truly sickening.

The Australia I know does not accept, endorse, or tolerate genocide or torture, it goes against everything we stand for as a nation.

Tony Abbott, when you claim "we" accept this, you sure as hell don't speak for me.

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