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30 December 2013

The invisible man: Liu Bolin's latest art

Liu Bolin has become famous worldwide for painting his entire body to match the scenery behind, so when he is photographed it can be near-impossible to spot him. Here are some of the latest works from the Chinese artist

'Sleeping Lion' in Beijing

'Intrepid' in New York city

Liu stands in front of people dressed entirely in red for a piece called 'Red'. Liu chose red as he feels it has deep roots in Chinese history

'Beijing Magazines'

'Beijing Graffiti'

'Through the Eye of Liu Bolin

'Mobile Phones' in Beijing

'Three Goddesses' in Beijing

'Made In China' in New York city

'Bus Stop' in Beijing

'Vegetables' in Beijing

'Family Photo': a Chinese family are camouflaged by Liu in Beijing

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