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12 December 2013

by Mike.B

The Beatles - Live at the BBC

Back in the early 60's when I was still at high school. I along with thousands of other young people would listen to the radio hoping to hear some of the latest music of the day. Back in those days in the UK there were no commercial radio stations, only the BBC, or Beeb as we used to call it. Obviously the programming for the beeb was done by austere conservatives who would play songs by Mario Lanza and the like, or corrupt paedaphiles like Jimmy Saville, who would play tunes by whomever paid him the most.

This led to the formation of pirate radio stations like Radio Caroline which was a ship stationed somewhere in the North Sea that played modern music, and accepted advertising.

Unbeknown to me a part of the beeb was called BBC-Lite which, because of the technology of the day, would get artists to come into their studios and play live.

As of a couple of weeks ago, the BBC has released two volumes of The Beatles live at the BBC. I have managed to score both volumes of this release, and am absolutely astounded at how good a band they were live. I am listening to volume 1 as I write this, and cannot believe it is The Beatles. There are just so many songs that I have never heard before. In the spirit of freedom and considerable risk from the authorities, I am making these volumes available for you to download. It's quite a large download, so as a teaser, have a listen to this before you download...

The Beatles - Baby It's You [Live at the BBC]

I never managed to see The Beatles live in concert, and, as most people, have only seen those film clips where one could only partially hear the music because of the screaming of the audience. It is simply so refreshing to be able to hear The Beatles live without that screaming. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have...

Download The Beatles - Live at the BBC [150Mb] HERE

p.s Volume 2 will follow soon, I've almost run out of bandwidth...

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