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18 January 2014

What's Happening at Medicare?

Yesterday I had an appointment at Flinders Medical Centre. I turned up on time, and approached the receptionist.

As usual, she asked me for my Medicare Card, which I pulled from my wallet.

"Sorry Mr. B" she said, "Your card has expired". I asked her if that impinged my appointment, to which she replied, "Under normal circumstances, yes, we cannot treat you. But nobody has been receiving their cards, and we don't know what is going on. So your appointment can go ahead."

I looked at my card, and it had expired in December. To be honest, I never check my Medicare card, 'cos over the years it has just appeared in my mailbox."

It now means I have to visit the Medicare office to find out why my card didn't arrive. Normally more than a 1 hour wait.

The ramifications of this are that I cannot get treatment from a doctor or hospital until my new card arrives. I don't know how long that will take.

I am wondering whether the public servants are in revolt at all the cutbacks from this government. At the very least it's bloody inconvenient.

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