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12 January 2014

Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi hits out at 'pro-death' abortion, step-families, IR laws

One of Tony Abbott's backbenchers has accused some women of using abortion as "an abhorrent form of birth control" and labelled those who advocate pro-choice as "pro-death"


Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi has made the comments in his new book, The Conservative Revolution, in which he also calls for more flexible industrial relations laws, including a return to individual workplace agreements whereby penalty rates can be negotiated away.

The Federal Opposition is now urging Prime Minister Tony Abbott to completely disassociate himself from Senator Bernardi's "extraordinary reactionary agenda".

In his book Senator Bernardi rails against non-traditional families, surrogacy and euthanasia and calls on fellow conservatives to help to reverse the trends in social acceptance of changing attitudes.

It is "horrendous and unacceptable" that the abortion "death industry despatches 80,000 to 100,000 unborn children [in Australia] every year," Senator Bernardi writes.

"The political pressure from the left has ushered us into a morbid new world. It is not enough to stop the trend. What is needed is a reversal back to sanity and reason."

Speaking to ABC News Breakfast, Senator Bernardi defended his figures on abortion, saying they are based on evidence given by previous health ministers and Senate estimates.

"It's a lot and I don't know anyone in this country that wants to see more abortions; in fact, I think most people would like to see less abortions," Senator Bernardi said.

"I think we need to start to investigate measures and ways in which we can assist in that regard."

Senator Bernardi says the discussion about abortion being a woman's right has been shut down and it needs to be re-opened.

"The question is for everyone in this debate, is where does life begin?" he said.

"For me it's at conception, for other people it is 24 week of gestation, others say it's not until the child is born and a sentient being, some weeks after birth.

"I haven't said we should outlaw or prohibit abortion; I have said there is a right-to-life issue we should be exploring."

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