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13 February 2014

Abbott's culture wars and ideology risk Australia's future

Through their blind ideology, their words and their actions the Abbott Government has overseen the death of the auto industry in Australia and they are just getting started.

It is crystal clear the Abbott Government has no clue what they are doing.

The announcement by Toyota of their closure in Australia is the latest casualty of the ideology that has taken control of the country.

Let's be clear about this. The loss of our over 70 year car manufacturing industry is a disaster of unimaginable proportions.

The reality of this is not yet accepted by Tony Abbott and his government.

The South Australian and Victorian Premiers will be beating a path to Tony Abbott's door begging for adequate support packages to insulate their economies from what now looks like almost certain recession.

They shouldn't hold their breath.

If the support package offered to South Australia after the loss of Holden is any indication, their pleas will be falling on deaf ears.

These latest events have the potential to spell the loss of 50,000 jobs and will severely impact up to 200,000 jobs involved in the supply chain.

There is no plan for these workers.

Tony Abbott's inadequate response is:

While some businesses close, other businesses open, while some jobs end, other jobs start.

The fact is the Australian economy will struggle to absorb these workers and their skill sets. Some of these workers don't know anything else.

The government is in fantasy land if they believe this path was inevitable.

This is a crisis completely of the government's making.

The only conclusion I can draw is their 'no government handouts' line exists in complete isolation to all expert advice and is guided by a blind observance of their ideology.

An ideology that lacks any wriggle room for compromise or pragmatism.

This government is far right and willingly accept the consequences of their misguided actions.

If they did listen to expert advice they would realise the modest investment sought by the auto industry in Australia is nothing compared to what the governments of Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States provide.

For every $1 invested to support the auto industry up to $20 is returned to the Australian economy.

The Abbott Government just don't care about the impact of their actions.

They are more than willing to overstate worker rights and entitlements at SPC Ardmona rather than support Australian industry and its workers.

We also see the ideology of the government on display when it comes to attacks on the ABC, the self-serving political witch hunt against unions and unionised workers and the false statements made about so called bias in the current school curriculum.

All of this will fade into insignificance when the findings of the stacked Commission of Audit are handed down.

The axe is about to be taken to our society and our social safety net.

Will business be asked to play their part in this process? I doubt it.

It will all be on the back of the middle class and lower class workers.

Mining companies continue to get healthy subsidies.

High end superannuation account holders have been given a tax cut while the lowest workers receive a tax hike.

This government is driven by the principle of 'smaller government'.

In their view, this is the era of 'personal responsibility' and the end of the 'age of entitlement'.

This is the worst government in Australian history.

A government that allegedly wants to focus on jobs and growth but has done everything to create the conditions for the opposite outcomes.

I am convinced this wouldn't have happened under the Labor Party. They were more than prepared to support good Australian jobs in manufacturing.

Tony Abbott will oversee its demise.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten puts it best when he says:

Tony Abbott knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.

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