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17 February 2014

The Australian Electoral Commission is Corrupt

Love him or hate him, Clive Palmer never fails to state his case. In a recent address to the National Press Club, recorded by the ABC, Palmer exposes the AEC and their tactics.

From losing (or stealing) ballot boxes in WA, allowing people multiple votes (whether they knew it or not), to blatently allowing dead people to vote, Palmer exposes what happened to the Palmer United Party at the last Federal election.

This video is an expose on what every Australian should know about the AEC. It is hard to comprehend that this type of activity which undermines our very democracy is allowed to continue.

Maybe it is part of the reason the Government is coming down so hard on the ABC for being unAustralian.

Although this video focuses on the Federal election, we in South Australia go to a State election in less than a months time. Are there any reasons to believe that the same is not happening on a State level?

Judging by the number of complaints after our last State election, I doubt it.

Watch the video, I think it will change your mind...

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Clive Palmer addresses the National Press Club

There are candidates in the SA election who are actively campaigning on our behalf for electoral reform. It is up to you, if you live in SA, to seek out those candidates. In the Northern Suburbs, there is Mark Aldridge, and in the South Kris Hanna.

Both are Independant candidates. Maybe it is time to give independants the balance of power, and maybe, just maybe, we can change the political landscape to something more palatable for us plebs.

Kris Hanna

Mark Aldridge

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