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08 April 2014

What WA Means

Gallop and Bishop have called the ALP’s numbers 'disastrous' in Western Australia. This is because their primary vote was down by five percent.
But all of those lost numbers went to the Greens, and will come back, in preferences, to Labor. This will ensure they keep the Pratt seat they lost in September, and regained on the recount.

At least two percent of the Green-fleeting votes were because Bullock, a Papist fool, opposes abortion and gay marriage and thinks Abbott potentially a good Prime Minister and said so. At least one percent was part of the twelve percent (it will not be fifteen) that disliked voting three times in year, and also, some of them, thought Bullock a joke, a dunderhead or a mole.

The commentators have their agendas, however, one of which is Shorten is faltering, and they will not see, or say, what really happened in Western Australia. This is that the Prime Minister called it 'a referendum on the carbon tax', and it was. And the party that most favoured the carbon tax, and the mining tax, the Greens, picked up seven percent and nearly doubled its vote. And the parties that most opposed it, the Liberals and the Nationals, lost eight percent.

And the carbon tax, as an issue, is now a dead duck, and Abbott, for whom its repeal was a panacea for everything, is a busted flush and a smoking ruin.

Labor is ahead in every poll; would win any election, hugely or narrowly, held today, is soon to win back Victoria and New South Wales, possibly the Northern Territory, and certainly Queensland.

And there is no crisis, and there was no catastrophe.

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