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19 April 2014

True Colours - The upcoming budget will show us the real Liberal Party

We have seen some pretty nasty sides of the Liberal Party since the Coalition came to power last year.

There has been a 'just add brutality' style approach to asylum seeker policy. There has been a 'let's promote racism' style approach towards the Racial Discrimination Act. There has been a 'dob in your mates' style campaign within the public service asking employees to dob in a mate who dares criticise the government on social media.
If there has been a positive side to the dob in a mate campaign it is that it has proven that the proposed changes to the racial discrimination act have nothing to do with promoting freedom of speech.

With unemployment up around 20% from when the Coalition formed government I would have thought threatening more people with the sack may not have been the best idea.
Anyway to those of you in the public service who are bigots and racists, the government is on your side. To those of you who think that this is questionable policy, look out because if you share your views the government will seek to have you sacked.

Well with the budget fast approaching, what sort of nastiness can we expect to see from a government that is proving itself as brutal as the Sri Lankan war criminals that they seek to protect.
It will probably come as no surprise to many that the Coalition are targeting the countries most vulnerable people.
It has become public knowledge over the past week or so that Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey are setting their sights on pensioners.
The Coalition would like them to know that they have out stayed their welcome and that although their decades of hard work and paying taxes were once appreciated, just like your reasonable standard of living that was in the past.

Granny will be rugging up now she can't afford the heat.
It is not clear as yet what parts of the pension will be targeted but there have been some strong hints.
It seems we will be working for even longer with the retirement age likely to be lifted to 70.

I still have a while to go before I have to worry about retiring, but for the tens of thousands in their early 60's this will be a bitter blow. For the elderly it must seem like someone has just moved the goalpost, for those in industries that cater for retiree's such as specialist travel, it must seem that Tony Abbott is stealing their customers out from under them.
Other possibilities that have been raised regarding the pension have been indexing, and means testing.
This could mean that the pension may not be raised at the same rate as the cost of living, effectively slow starving the elderly.
It also must send a shiver up the spine of those about to retire who own a home or have investments. If Tony Abbott and the Liberals and Nationals have their way it may see these people forced to sell their assets just to have the cash to live their final years with dignity.
For those who wonder what the type of person looks like that would kick an old lady out of the home she has raised her kids in, played with her grandkids in, and spent the last 50 years living in with her late husband, look at the picture below.

The bully attacking your granny.
That's right, Tony Abbott is that man.

Not only does he want to punish your granny, he wants to punish her at the same time as he pays rich women to breed with his signature parental leave scheme.

What you probably haven't heard much about is Tony Abbott and the Coalition's planned attack on charities.

The Australian Charities and Not for Profits Commission (ACNC) was set up and created in 2012 to support community charity organisations. The idea was for the ACNC to assist and relieve charity organisations of much of the burden of administrative work and red tape. The ACNC has proved vital to many charities as it gives them the ability to focus more of their energy on supporting others, which is the very reason charities exist.
Tony Abbott and the Coalition have announced their intentions to shut the ACNC down.
However it is not only the support the ACNC provide charities, they also give people a means to report complaints.
There are not a lot of scams that involve charities, but there is still a fear within the community about giving out credit card or bank account details for example.
Any action that lessens security for those who wish to donate to charities as a consequence is a bad idea that will certainly have a negative impact on those already suffering.
Closing down the ACNC will not only mean that charity organisations will have to spend extra on administration costs, but by lowering security it will also make it harder for them to raise vital funding.

An open letter was sent to Tony Abbott requesting that he reconsider his plans to shut down a vital charity resource. The letter was signed by representatives of many charity organisations such as Save the Children, St John Ambulance Australia, the RSPCA, Volunteering Australia, Lifeline, Australian Conservation Foundation, the YMCA and many more.

The open letter can be viewed via this link.

For those who wish to have a say on this matter, there is an online petition that can be signed via this link.

This is a government that thinks it is OK to punish those who are the most vulnerable while paying some of the most wealthy to breed.
If you have parents or grandparents, then Tony Abbott is not only about to break his election promise to them, but he is preparing his attack on them now.
If you give or have ever given to a charity, Tony Abbott wants to render your efforts worthless by adding to the cost of running a charity.
The Coalition are showing their true colors, and they are uglier than the color of a plain packet of smokes.

They don't deserve a second chance or a second term.
We need to talk to people about these acts, as the mainstream media don't appear to be.
It looks like once again, it's up to us.

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