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03 April 2014

Alas! He's Nuts, or Mad or Both

Abbott will soon have spent what it would have taken to save Holden and fifty thousand jobs on a vain search for scrap metal in the south-west Indian Ocean.

Finding what happened to two hundred and fifty corpses is more important than saving his nation from recession, and a quarter of a million kids' lifestyles from attrition, distortion or destruction.
He gets crazier and crazier. We'll have soon spent thirty million, fifty million, that could have saved five thousand Qantas jobs on this wild underwater goose chase.
It took eighty years to find the Titanic, for Christ's sake. And we knew EXACTLY where it went down, within a couple of miles.
Every dollar spent is wasted.
Abbott is getting loonier and loonier. He is still paying the wages of two Manus murderers, and shielding them from justice. He is still cutting the money of the children of dead soldiers. He is still denying a knighthood to Malcolm Fraser.

He should be taken into care.

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