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02 April 2014

Just a quick question; has the line been crossed?

From http://www.pm.gov.au - an Australian Government web site - today comes A message from the Prime Minister - WA Senate election. Without wishing to further promote what Mr Abbott had to say, here is the message:

Next Saturday, the people of Western Australia will vote in a special Senate election.
We did not want this election, but it is an opportunity to ensure your vote supports policies to strengthen the economy, create more jobs and help families with cost of living pressures.

Only the West Australian Liberal team has a clear plan for this state.
We'll boost Western Australian mining and investment jobs by scrapping the anti-Western Australian mining tax and we'll reduce living costs and create more jobs by scrapping the anti-Western Australian carbon tax. The average family will save $550 a year and a $626 million a year hit on the West Australian economy will be removed.

We'll deliver record funding for Western Australian schools, funding that the former Labor government didn't provide. WA schools will get an additional $120 million from the Coalition in Canberra and we'll work with the Western Australian Government and build the roads of the 21st century, with over $3 billion in road investments.

Two weeks ago in Canberra Labor voted to keep the carbon tax, last week in Canberra Labor voted to keep the mining tax, and you can be sure that once this special election is over, Labor will be pushing more policies that punish Western Australia. When Labor took office, federally, in 2007 West Australian unemployment was 3.3 per cent and after Labor's carbon tax and Labor's mining tax it was 5.9 per cent.

And if you vote for a minor party candidate you just don't know who you will end up with.

So there is only one certainty in this election, only the Liberal Party has a plan to help Western Australia build a stronger economy with more jobs and less pressure on families.
Only a vote for the Liberal Party will deliver a team that will stand-up and deliver a better deal for Western Australia.

Let us have a look at a page on another government site, the Ministerial and Agency Websites. There on the top of tis page you will see:

Guidelines for Ministerial and Agency Websites

The Australian Public Service (APS) must maintain its impartial, apolitical, professional nature while maintaining websites. It is important that agencies consider carefully the content of their websites and those they maintain on behalf of their ministers.

There are three categories of websites that relate to this issue:

While further down the page there is:

Agency-funded websites should not contain material of a party political nature . . .

Forgive me if I'm wrong, but I'm not too sure that the guidelines have been followed here. Perhaps someone can help me out with this.

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