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16 April 2014

He Wouldn't Dare

No matter what Joe Hockey says, he wouldn't dare upset today's aged pensioners - would he? As much as he would like to, the consequences of such an act would terminate his tenure as treasurer very quickly.

Yes, he will probably increase the pension qualification age to 70, but it is unlikely it would come into effect before 2024 when the increase to 67 introduced by Kevin Rudd was to take full effect. That will give those in their forties and early fifties time to think about their future. Sound alright? Of course, it might also make them sufficiently angry enough to change their vote though.like now!

As an aged pensioner, I can tell you how I longed for the day when I turned 65. I literally counted down the last 5 years, day by day as I continued working a 60 hour week making an average $10 an hour driving a taxi.

Having finally achieved that glorious age and be accepted into the hallowed halls of the government's financial reward program, I can tell you it is not something I would surrender ever. Well, maybe if I won Tattslotto or something but hey, that's never going to happen.

There are just so many ways for Hockey to find the money to improve the bottom line and in time balance the books, he would have to be a Grade A failure at his job not to see them. Slugging pensioners is the cowardly way out. He could start by retaining the carbon tax and the mining tax. That will create more revenue than hitting pensioners could ever generate. There was a time, albeit a very brief one, when I saw Hockey as the only responsible minister in the government. But over the past few months, having listened closely to his rhetoric, his cleverly chosen words and having watched his mannerisms, my view of him has changed. He is the quintessential Liberal. Their mantra is freedom; every man, woman and child should be free to do what they like; free to succeed and free to fail, all of which sounds great until you dissect such freedoms down and discover what happens when they become the catalyst for wonton destruction of our everyday way of life.

The wonderful documentary, 'The Inside Job' was on television the other night. Narrated by Matt Damon it gives a step by step analysis of how the GFC was created. It began with government deregulation of the financial industry during Ronald Reagan's presidency. Subsequent presidents, Clinton and Bush gave away further controls granting money hungry morons the freedom to rip the heart out of the American dream. And because the economies of so many countries were inextricably linked with America, it brought the rest of the world to its knees.

That's the sort of freedom Liberals in this country want for us. From the loosening of controls on financial advisers to the repeal of racial discrimination laws, to slugging pensioners. All these measures are designed to put financial power back into the hands of unregulated morons who will have the freedom to play havoc with our money. All this, in the mistaken belief that the principle of 'trickle down economics' works. It doesn't and it has been proven so.

And as for broken election promises, we can be certain that there is a small Liberal army of double-speak cretins who are, at this very moment, crafting the language we will hear, denying that any promises have been broken, that the government has been true to its word and that no one will be worse off, blah, blah, blah.

This ensures Joe Hockey will be able to continue with the forward guard rhetoric preparing us with what sounds like responsible, sound economic management when, all along the way, he is in fact laying the groundwork for an attack on our social welfare system; a system that has defined our nation's responsibility to those least able to defend themselves. All this in favour of opening up the gates to those, he thinks will expand and develop the nations resources for the benefit of us all. What balderdash!

And so for the aged pensioner who has been protected from the heartless, greedy eyes of Coalition governments ever since Gough Whitlam established the formula that ensured they would receive 25% of male weekly earnings back in 1973, a new paradigm is about to unfold; a time honoured, sacrosanct principle is about to be scrapped.

He wouldn't dare!..would he?
Yes, he would. It's part of what being Liberal today, is all about.

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