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09 April 2014

The dirty secret of Diego Garcia

Massive US military base

It is pure speculation that MH370 was heading for the highly secretive US base at Diego Garcia, and if so, we may never know the reason why.
What is NOT speculation though, is that the US employs 24/7 coverage of the Indian Ocean with all technological means. No radar, satellite, or other information has been released from the US.
In this other bigwallbling report, even the Russians are asking why. You can read that report Here

Apart from the military secrets, Diego Garcia has a very sinister background in the way it was tranferred into US control.
What happened in Diego Garcia?
This UK holding in the Indian Ocean was turned over to the US.
The US wanted it delivered vacant of the 2,000+ people who lived there.
How did the UK do it?
They put the residents on boats without their belongings and dumped them in a slum over 1,000 miles away. Oh, and they gassed their pets.
What did the Brits get for their cooperation?
A deal on Polaris missiles.
The video below tells the whole sordid story...

The US and UK are advocates for human rights.....bullshit

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