14 March 2016
by Mike.B

Diabetes Type 2 Reversal Programme

About 10 years ago I was diagnosed as having Diabetes Type 2. I knew nothing about this disease, and so followed my doctor's advice. He prescribed Metformin. I took it religiously. I then noticed that my urine had become discoloured and odorous. When I questioned my doctor about this, he gave me some 'facts'. He told me that diabetes was a lifetime affliction, it was incurable, and that I would have to be careful with my diet for the rest of my life, and that my urine was part and parcel of the whole deal.

A couple of weeks ago I had noticed, that despite me keeping as best I could to a diabetes friendly diet, my blood sugar (mmol/L) was keeping quite high at around 15.0. So back to the doctor I went. He prescribed more medication that I was to take in conjunction with Metformin. I distinctly recall asking him if there was any other way rather than medication. He said "No". With that, I decided to do some research.

The other day when researching diabetes on the 'net' I came across a doctor by the name of Roy Taylor who is a clinician at Newcastle in the UK. He was giving a lecture to doctors and nurses in regards to Type 2 Diabetes Reversal which was over 70% successful in clinical trials, and 100% successful in relief. That lecture was in December 2014, so is quite recent, and definately current.

I managed to download the video, and re-encode it to web standards. It is completely self explanitory, so there is no need for me to outline it further.

If you are interested in reversing your diabetes, watch the video, it is a bit over 1 hour long, but it will give you the most complete insight of diabetes and how to rid yourself of it.

I am going to follow the steps, and I will report my results here. If you are truly interested, bookmark the page 'cos I reckon it's going to get interesting...

Dr Roy Taylor - Reversing Type 2 Diabetes

Download The Diet And Recipes

  • Day 1 - 15th Mar 16 Day 1 - 90kg BMI 29.7 mmol/L 10.7
  • Day 4 - 18th Mar 16 Day 4 - 87kg BMI 28.5 mmol/L 8.90
  • Day 7 - 21st Mar 16 Day 7 - 86.6 BMI 28.1 mmol/L 7.90

The First Week
I started the program full of enthusiasm, and on day 2 I followed the diet implicitly. That is, I went shopping for the 205 calorie sachets of meal replacement and lots of non-root vegetables. I found the sachets at Aldi for $1.99 each which I thought was ok.

I drank only water, and substituted any food with the sachets. The sachets came in 3 flavours, coffee, vanilla and strawberry. They tasted fine and were easy to mix, although in my opinion the coffee flavour was far superior to the others, and at my second purchase I bought only the coffee flavour.

On day 3, I determined that I would take all my measurements first thing in the morming, after a glass of water. Luckily I am not an early eater so I could forego a sachet until midday. With that, a sachet has kept me going without hunger for 2-3 hours, but if I did feel peckish a glass of water would help.
By my normal dinner time of 6pm, the second sachet had worn off, and I was feeling very hungry. I knew that a third sachet would not cut the hunger until midday the next day, so I made a mushroom soup.

As you can see by the graphic above, at day 4 all my measurements had dropped. My weight by 3.0kg, my BMI slightly, and my blood sugar had dropped to 8.90. This pleased me greatly. I was heading in the right direction. The thing that pleased me most though was the fact that the mushroom soup had not interfered in my progress, and I decided to experiment further.

N.B. I know that the diet indicates that no meat should be consumed, along with all of the other stuff like coffee, bread and pasta, but also I know myself and would not have the willpower to survive on sachets and vegies alone. I thought very hard about what the diet meant, and what the primary objective was. So, my conclusion is that to reach my goal of diabetes reversal I have to reduce my blood sugar by means of eliminating fat from my liver and pancreas.
With this I have decided that in order to alleviate hunger overnight (I detest waking up in the middle of the night for a toilet trip, and immediately feeling hungry. I cannot get back to sleep.) I will experiment with meat, but stick to everything else.

On the 4th evening I tried a small chicken breast with salad. On the 5th evening I tried about 250gm diced beef slow cooked in stock with mashed cauliflower, and on the 6th evening I tried 2 very small pieces of grilled garfish with salad.

So, as I measured my results each morning I found that day 5 and day 6 my body weight and BMI remained the same but my sugars continued to drop. This morning, after my garfish and salad last night, my weight has dropped, my BMI has dropped, but my sugars have increased 0.2.

I have not come to any conclusion about diet yet, but overall I can say that I am very happy with the results so far. I have dropped 3.4kg in body weight, my BMI has dropped 1.6% and my blood sugars 2.8. I feel much better within myself, my wellbeing is very good, and I feel motivated to continue.

I am hoping that in the second week, as I become used to dieting, that my evening hunger pangs will dissipate and I will be able to follow the diet exactly.

  • Day 10 - 24th Mar 16
    Day 10 - 85.9 BMI 27.7 mmol/L 8.60
  • Day 14 - 28th Mar 16
    Day 14 - 86.2 BMI 27.7 mmol/L 8.20
  • Day 17 - 31st Mar 16
    Day 17 - 85.9 BMI 27.6 mmol/L 8.00

The Second Week
During the second week I found that hunger is definately a problem. I can manage with the sachets from lunch time to mid to late afternoon without too much hunger but from about 5:00pm I start to feel hungry. A bowl of hearty vegetable soup helps, but then around 8:00pm I am hungry again.

During this week, I tried all sorts of foodstuffs that I thought were within the boundaries of the diet. To no avail. The evening hunger is a big problem for me.

Over Easter I succumbed to eating a 200gm chocolate egg which sent my daily readings haywire. My weight increased 600gm my BMI went back up to 28.1, and my sugars rose to 9.1. I felt really stupid for falling to temptation. I also wondered why my weight increased by 600gm by eating a 200gm chocolate. I jokingly figure that to be a form of 'free energy' having less in than out.

With that hiccough, I realised that my only course of action was to forgive myself and 'get back on the horse', so to speak.

The wrap up of this week is that in general my experimentation with other foods to supplement the diet was a failure. On the positive side, my lowest weight over the last week was 85.5kg which I think is the lowest I have been for two or three decades.

I remain motivated by my results so far, and have not yet thought of quitting. In the video, it is said that this diet is not for everybody, and maybe I am one of those people. I will try though to stick to the diet, and maybe increase the sachets from 2 to 3 per day, and adjust the time that I eat my soup. I'll let you know what happens in the next few days.

  • Day 21 - 4th April 16
    Day 21 - 85.8 BMI 27.7 mmol/L 8.40
  • Day 25 - 7th April 16
    Day 25 - Data
  • Day 28 - 11th April 16
    Day 28 - Data

Week 3
Easter came along in week 3, and yes I succumbed to a 200gm chocolate egg. Stupid I know, but I did it anyway. It threw my readings haywaire for a day afterwards. Apart from that I have kept to the diet reasonably well. It seems though that even keeping to the diet my readings have bottomed out. Either I am doing something wrong, or the diet is not working for me. It is incomprehensible that a small plate of steamed vegies in the evening will impact my weight when that is all that I have eaten apart from the sachets. Motivation is getting a bit low, and thoughts of quitting are entering my head. I'll try for another week and then reasses.

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