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17-November 2013


National launch 1/12/13

As a person who unashamedly follows politics, the decline of living standards, and the erosion of civil liberties, I am constantly on the lookout for groups, associations, people and politicians, who, within themselves hold the aforementioned close to their hearts.

I am tired of feeling impotent towards some of the decisions our politicians make that are supposedly in our best interests, but in fact, are duplicitously aimed towards the advancement of the corporatisation of Australia. In doing so, those politicians make light of the civil liberties that our constitution so generously bestowed upon us.

In my mind, the path that Australia is being led down is fraught with the dangers of corporatisation that the citizens of so many countries are, today, fighting against after leaving their protestations too late.

It doesn't take an enhanced knowledge of politics to feel within oneself that 'things' are not right. One only has to ask oneself; "What decisions have been made for me that I don't agree with?" And the answers come immediately to the forefront of your mind.

It may be the selloff of our prime farming land to foreign interests, or the allowance of 'fracking', the new bikie laws, fluoridation, the TPP, or a miriad of other things. The point is, we ALL feel the same.

We all also feel the same in our feelings of impotence. Impotent in the fact that we have to wait almost a working day to be seen to at the hospital, Impotent in the fact that it costs us between $2.50 - $5.00 to travel a few hundred metres on a bus, Impotent that our children don't know their times tables and cannot read or write comprehensively, Impotent that our local councils seem to have more power than God, Impotent that (for those who recieve benefits) Centrelink DOES have more power than God. And the list goes on....and on....and on....

It is with these thoughts in mind that I put to you an opportunity for redemption! Redemption from the sins of our politicians that are permeating through every fibre that makes up the fabric of our society.

For some time now, I have been following (clandestinely) the exploits of Mark Aldridge, an aspiring independant candidate in South Australia. Although not perfect, his actions have been more democratic, more benevolent, and more socialistic than most.

On December the 1st, Algridge will launch the Australian Alliance, and, on the face of it, it seems to have all the hallmarks of prospering through the maze of political claptrap that we have been dished up by both the present and previous governments.

All the boxes have been ticked for anyone who WANTS democratic change, and probably for the first time ever, gets off their arse and attends the birth of a new political alliance.

For anyone who reads any of my posts on FB or follows articles on my site, you will know that I have NEVER asked for anything to be shared. Today, that changes! Today I ask you to share this post! If you care about your future, you will do it willingly. And for those who do, I THANK YOU....

For those who would like to learn more about the Australian Alliance, follow the link below....

The Australian Alliance

Mobile Front Page

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