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Microsoft unveils the new Xbox One - with improved voice controls, an exclusive Halo TV show, built-in Skype and a redesigned Kinect sensor

Microsoft has unveiled its next-generation Xbox, the Xbox One - described as an 'all-in-one entertainment system for a new generation'.

The Xbox One can be completely controlled using voice recognition and hand gestures, and with the new Instant Switching feature users can ask the Xbox to 'watch TV', 'open Internet Explorer' or use it to change channels quickly without having to find the remote control. Microsoft's Xbox One also comes with a multi-tasking Snap Mode that lets users run more than one service at any one time, such as watch a film while checking emails on Internet Explorer.

Microsoft has announced its Xbox One - a new games console with improved voice recognition and gesture controls, built-in Skype features and multi-tasking Snap Mode. The Kinect sensor has been completely redesigned to be more responsive, and the controller has been developed using feedback from gamers with 40 new components and a better-fitting battery

The Xbox One has been redesigned with sleeker lines. It has kept the trademark black plastic casing and green lighting. The new console has USB 3.0 connections and an HDMI In/Out port and 500GB of storage as standard

Microsoft has completely redesigned its Xbox Kinect sensor to be more responsive to movement and voice controls. It uses 'time of flight' and captures 2GB of data including heart rate, weight transfer and the slightest movements of joints. The voice recognition software supports all the voices within a family and is 'more conversational'

Microsoft executives also touted the Xbox One as a replacement for the set-top box. The new Xbox One console will be shipped with a completely redesigned Kinect sensor. Kinect is Microsoft's motion-sensing technology that lets you play games using hand gestures and body movements.

Microsoft claims it can collect over 2GB of data per second - including your heartbeat, weight transfer, slight joint movements and more - and then uses this data to measure your movements and react to your gestures. Xbox Live manager Marc Whitten said that voice recognition with the new Kinect sensor is 'more conversational and supports the voices of the whole family.' Whitten also explained that the Xbox controller has similarly been redesigned with more than 40 new components and new D-Pad makes the controller 'more immersive.'

Microsoft unveils XBox One

Microsoft's new Xbox One has built-in Skype features that let users call friends using voice controls straight from a TV. Calls are made in widescreen HD and the system also supports group calls. Because of the multi-tasking Snap Mode feature, users can also make calls while playing games and browsing the web

Microsoft additionally unveiled an update to its Smart Glass technology with the new Xbox One. Smart Glass acts as a 'second screen' that lets you currently control your Xbox 360 console with your phone or tablet.

The company claims it has more than 10 million downloads of the technology and has made it work more efficiently with the new Kinect sensor.


Xbox 360

CPU: 3.2 GHz PowerPC Tri-Core Xenon

Capacity: 64MB, 256MB, 512MB

Memory: 512 MB

Display: up to 1080p

Xbox One

CPU: 8 Core

Capacity: 500GB

Memory: 8GB System Memory

Display: up to 4K HD resolution

Hardware-wise, the Xbox One has a faster processor and improved graphics card, as well as a Blu-ray disc drive, USB 3.0 connections, a 500GB hard drive and 8GB system memory.

Don Mattrick, President of the Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft did not announce how Xbox 360 is changing but added 'exciting news' about the service will be announced at E3 in June, in Los Angeles. It was confirmed, however, that Xbox Live will keep the same subscription models it currently has.

XBox1 controller

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