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by Mike.B

United States of Australia

Australia is a US incorporated business. Check [ here ] if you don't believe that, and follow the links in the document.

The United Nations (UN) is a US registered business too, its headquarters are in the US, and it is dictated to by the US. There have been many squabbles at the UN by nations fully aware that the US is dictating terms. The BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and Sth Africa) Nations in particular. The UN sets resolutions that the rest of the World is expected to follow. And yet, some nations openly defy those resolutions, particularly Israel. See [ Here ] for a list of UN resolutions ignored by Israel.

The UN also sets agendas for its members to follow. The UN agenda 21 is one of these. It is one of the most insidious agendas set. Under the guise of 'sustainability', a word we all know and agree with, it (Agenda 21) is both stealthily treacherous and deceitful ( the literal meaning of insidious ).

Our Government is complicit in the agenda set down by the US at the UN to dominate us, and is blindly following its lead.

Divide and Conquer: The ways in which the Government is obfuscating us with almost daily distractions is palpable. The ASIO fiasco, the election campaign funding, in just the last two days shows how they are creating distractions in secret, and then releasing them at opportune moments.

Remembering that both leaders of out two major political organisations are embroiled in scandals of their own (Gillard is under investigation for fraud, and Abbott has litigation pending for electoral fraud) it shows that they are both in no way the right people to lead this Country.

In the case of the electoral money, the two organisations voted in secret to give themselves an 'administration fee' of $1.00 per vote which it is predicted will add $60 million to their coffers from the public purse. The minor parties and independants don't get a brass razoo.

That, along with the 2013 electoral law changes, ensures that we are moving to the US system whereby it is almost impossible for a person outside the Republicans or Democrats to become elected.

If we want this, then the status quo will remain, and we can whinge all we like about the decisions they make, and we cannot do a thing about it.

If we truly wantchange, then all we have to do is change our voting habits. The only way we can effect change is to vote for an independant candidate, and keep the two big parties out of Canberra. It will cause an awful cafuffle, but we WILL have change, and then, the big parties will HAVE to listen.

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