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School Of Government?

Have you ever wondered where some of those cockamamie Government decisions come from? Who does the research for them? Who writes the papers?

Well here it is folks! The School Of Government! Did you know it existed? You're no orphan if you didn't, it's exclusive for Governments! Federal, State, and Local! And NZ too, with some Internationals thrown in.

The site is useful, if only for the links to ALL the departments, all the pollies, all the bureaucrats, in every State, Territory, and NZ. All the people you may ever have the reason to contact in Government. Along with their phone and email addresses.

One of the 'events' coming up on SOG's events list

They are taught (read brainwashed) how to support Government Agenda's

On a more serious note...

People from outside SOG can submit papers too. And (thanks to Rena Iliades from Direct Democracy Network for the link), I would like to highlight a paper by Richard Murray, a former Commonwealth Public Servant and Board Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) entitled...

A New Federation with a Cities and Regional Approach.

Notice in the title there is no mention of the States, and in the graphic below, you can see how Australia will be divided into Super Councils...

In effect, the States no longer exist.

Also it is not hard to deduce where Gillard's constitutional referendum to legitimise Local Government came from, AND, with Richard Murray's connection to the IMF, how it is linked to Agenda 21.

Further proof of how powerful your Local Council might be is in a paragraph on page 26 of Murray's paper which reads...

The whole of the power of Centrelink will be transferred to your council. Can you imagine that?

If implemented by our Government, and there's no reason to think it wouldn't be, then we are in a very dangerous position in regards to our sovreignity. The simplest way out of it is to vote 'NO' at the referendum.

You can download Murray's paper from bigwallbling [ Here ] or direct from SOG's website [ Here ]

If you would like to explore SOG's site more thoroughly you can find the Home Page [ Here ]

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