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We, The People, And The Politician Who Listened

Today, Mr Tony Abbott, leader of the Federal Liberal National Party and soon to become Australia's 28th Prime Minister (maybe), showed true political courage: he listened to the Australian people, backing down from a Government deal that would see hundreds of millions of tax payer dollars transferred to Union political coffers.

On Monday it was revealed by political journalist Laurie Oakes that the Labor Government was sneaking through Parliament legislation that would see each MP's party receive $1 for every vote received in a Federal election: to help offset party administration costs.

Sounds reasonable? Except that it's not one person, one vote, one dollar: Australia has a bicameral system: two houses of Parliament. And compulsory voting, meaning about 16 million voters. And proportional ballots: which means your vote effectively becomes five or six votes, numbered and allocated to the parties on the ballot.

Now, the legislation proposed this funding to be provided TWICE a year to each party, and backdated to the last Federal election: that was 2010.

So, this year, the ALP was set to receive almost $60 million dollars of taxpayer funding. For nothing. Remember, also, that the ALP receives hundreds of millions of funding by the multi-billion dollar compulsory Union movement, because the ALP is an arm of the Union movement. Not aligned, not associated, but fully owned and operated by the ACTU (Australian Council of Trade Unions).

This was always about nothing less than the final rort before electoral annihilation in September: Labor has lost so much public support it will be lucky to even pass as an official opposition, with less than 25% of the primary vote (that's from official party polling, not the public opinion polls that have them at about 30%; preferences from the Marxist Greens party won't help, either their official polling is at 4%).

So this was the last squeeze of the tax payer teat before electoral oblivion.

Political parties already receive almost a hundred million dollars each to offset administration costs. The ALP proposal was, and remains, nothing less than electoral fraud.

Public outrage descended on the political classes like the sword of Damocles. Labor, which has broken scores of electoral promises made during the 2010 election, and since, was simply hanging up on voters calling their MPs to state their displeasure. Just hanging up.

The Opposition, however, was listening to the people. And, for the first time in living memory in Australia, the politicians listened. Today, the Opposition Leader told the Government it would not support the proposed legislation; the deal, the funding, was dead.

Cue outrage from the Labor hacks and the apologista (the main-stream media who unanimously support the Labor government, to the point several newspapers and broadcast stations actually face bankruptcy because consumers refuse to buy their sickening pro-Labor dross). They called Tony Abbott a liar, a thief, a fraud.


Because he listened to the people.

Tony Abbott had the bravery to say 'no' to a deal that would see him get tens of millions of dollars of extra funding.

Tony Abbott had the courage to say 'no' to a deal that disgusted the electorate, and made them angry.

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