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by Mike.B

Support A Bill To Allow Citizen Initiated Referenda

Currently, the People of Australia are powerless to influence how the government acts. A vote every three years or so provides no accountability at all. Once a government is elected, they then do whatever they like.

Government rarely enacts a bill to come into force immediately, rather, it comes into force years in the future. The Prime Minister feels safe in the fact that it is likely he/she will be out of office when the legislation starts, and the ramifications are felt by the people under subsequent Governments who, when challenged, pass the buck back to a preceding Government. There are exceptions of course, parliamentary salaries and perks being one. And then, as now, in the lead up to each election, they make all sorts of wild promises the nation can ill afford.

As stated, at present, we have no way of stopping these gross, sometimes unfathomable legislations. However, there is a light on the horizon.

A Bill to enable Citizens to initiate referendums has been tabled in the Senate, and can be seen and downloaded [ Here ]

This is a giant leap forward for 'We The People of Australia' as it will restore some power to us.

This Bill needs to be enacted for us to have a mechanism to change anything that 'we the people' feel should not have been brought into law or enacted in the first place. It gives us the power to help ourselves. something that has been sorely lacking since Federation.

If you have ever disagreed with a political decision, and have felt powerless to do or change anything, then this Bill is for you, and you should recognise the opportunity that has arisen.

The process is very simple, below there is a list of Senators, grouped by State. Simply copy your Senator's email address and paste it into your email client, then tell him that you support this Bill. The more emails he/she gets, the more likely he/she is to take notice. If you do not know who your Senator is, email all of them in your State.

This is a National initiative which is coordinated by Restore Australia. It's in our own best interests, so let's support it.

As a guide to how you may approach emailing your Senator, here is a suggestion

address="senator's email address

subject="I support the Citizen Initiated Referendum Bill 2013

message="Dear Senator "name"

I am a constituent and I wholeheartedly support the Citizen Initiated Referendum Bill 2013. I ask that you do the same in Parliament on my behalf.

Yours Sincerely

Your Name

Residential Address

Phone No.

If you have friends who have no computer, a PDF is available [ Here... ] for download that you can print and pass on. The address for them to send their letter is...

Senator's Name

Parliament House

Canberra 2600

ACT - Senators

Senator Humphries - senator.humphries@aph.gov.au

Senator Lundy - senator.lundy@aph.gov.au

NSW - Senators

Senator Williams - senator.williams@aph.gov.au

Senator Cameron - senator.cameron@aph.gov.au

Senator Carr - senator.b.carr@aph.gov.au

Senator Faulkner - senator.faulkner@aph.gov.au

Senator Fierravanti-Wells - senator.fierravanti-wells@aph.gov.au

Senator Heffernan - senator.heffernan@aph.gov.au

Senator Nash - senator.nash@aph.gov.au

Senator Payne - senator.payne@aph.gov.au

Senator Rhiannon - senator.rhiannon@aph.gov.au

Senator Sinodinos - senator.sinodinos@aph.gov.au

Senator Stephens - senator.stephens@aph.gov.au

Senator Thistlethwaite - senator.thistlethwaite@aph.gov.au

NT - Senators

Senator Humphries - senator.humphries@aph.gov.au

Senator Crossin - senator.crossin@aph.gov.au

Queensland - Senators

Sentaor Sue Boyce - senator.sue.boyce@aph.gov.au

Senator Ronald Boswell - senator.boswell@aph.gov.au

Senator Furner - senator.furner@aph.gov.au

Senator George Brandis - senator.brandis@aph.gov.au

Senator John Hogg - senator.hogg@aph.gov.au

Senator Barnaby Joyce - senator.joyce@aph.gov.au

Senator Ludwig - senator.ludwig@aph.gov.au

Senator Ian Macdonald - senator.ian.macdonald@aph.gov.au

Senator Jan McLucas - senator.mclucas@aph.gov.au

Senator Brett Mason - senator.mason@aph.gov.au

Senator Claire Moore - senator.moore@aph.gov.au

Senator Larissa Waters - senator.waters@aph.gov.au

South Australian Senators

Senator Bernardi - senator.bernardi@aph.gov.au

Senator Simon Birmingham - senator.birmingham@aph.gov.au

Senator Edwards - senator.edwards@aph.gov.au

Senator Farrell - senator.farrell@aph.gov.au

Senator Fawcett - senator.fawcett@aph.gov.au

Senator Gallacher - senator.gallacher@aph.gov.au

Senator Hanson-Young - senator.hanson-young@aph.gov.au

Senator McEwen - senator.mcewen@aph.gov.au

Senator Ruston - senator.ruston@aph.gov.au

Senator Wong - senator.wong@aph.gov.au

Senator Wright - senator.wright@aph.gov.au

Senator Xenophon - senator.xenophon@aph.gov.au

Tasmania - Senators

Senator Abetz - senator.abetz@aph.gov.au

Senator Bilyk - senator.bilyk@aph.gov.au

Senator Brown - senator.carol.brown@aph.gov.au

Senator Bushby - senator.bushby@aph.gov.au

Senator Colbeck - senator.colbeck@aph.gov.au

Senator Parry - senator.parry@aph.gov.au

Senator Polley - senator.polley@aph.gov.au

Senator Singh - senator.singh@aph.gov.au

Senator Thorp - senator.thorp@aph.gov.au

Senator Whish-Wilson - senator.whish-wilson@aph.gov.au

Victoria - Senators

Senator Carr - senator.carr@aph.gov.au

Senator Collins - senator.collins@aph.gov.au

Senator Conroy - senator.conroy@aph.gov.au

Senator Dinatale - senator.dinatale@aph.gov.au

Senator Feeney - senator.feeney@aph.gov.au

Senator Fifield - senator.fifield@aph.gov.au

Senator Madigan - senator.madigan@aph.gov.au

Senator Kroger - senator.kroger@aph.gov.au

Senator McKenzie - senator.mckenzie@aph.gov.au

Senator Marshall - senator.marshall@aph.gov.au

Senator Ronaldson - senator.ronaldson@aph.gov.au

Senator Ryan - senator.ryan@aph.gov.au

West Australia - Senators

Senator Back - senator.back@aph.gov.au

Senator Mark Bishop - senator.bishop@aph.gov.au

Senator Cash - senator.cash@aph.gov.au

Senator Cormann - senator.cormann@aph.gov.au

Senator Eggleston - senator.eggleston@aph.gov.au

Senator Evans - senator.evans@aph.gov.au

Senator Johnston - senator.johnston@aph.gov.au

Senator Ludlum - senator.ludlam@aph.gov.au

Senator Pratt - senator.pratt@aph.gov.au

Senator Siewert - senator.siewert@aph.gov.au

Senator Smith - senator.smith@aph.gov.au

Senator Terle - senator.sterle@aph.gov.au

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