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Could You Commit Social suicide?

Russian-Roulette-style app that has one in six chance of deleting users' Facebook accounts has been blocked

It may not actually be able to kill you but this Russian Roulette-style app could spell the end of your online social life.

Developer Kyle McDonald has created a new game called Social Roulette that gives the user a one in six chance of deleting their Facebook account.

Facebook has unsurprisingly taken exception to the game and according to Mr McDonald has blocked it.

The game's developers says it has been blocked by Facebook but that it is working to fix the issue The company said it 'violated its platform policies'.

The app comes at a sensitive time for Facebook, after figures last month showed more than 1million users are ditching the social networking site a month.

Artist Mr McDonald, who says he is working to fix the game, said he wants people to feel able to delete their accounts after playing Social Roulette. "My favourite feedback came from a friend on Facebook who wrote that he played, and his account was not deleted, but he felt like after playing he now had the peace of mind to delete his account. Social Roulette is a gift to everyone who feels like they can't delete their Facebook account."

Users sign into the game with their Facebook identification and then 'pull the trigger of the gun'. There is then a one in six chance of the account apparently being deleted. If it was not then the so-called survival would be announced on the user's page.

Kyle McDonald said he wanted people to feel able to quit Facebook, founded by Mark Zuckerberg, pictured...

The game's website says: "Everyone thinks about deleting their account at some point, it's a completely normal reaction to the overwhelming nature of digital culture. Is it time to consider a new development in your life? Are you looking for the opportunity to start fresh? Or are you just seeking cheap thrills at the expense of your social network?"

It is not the first time app creators and even big companies have used anti-Facebook techniques. In the U.S., Burger King gave away a free burger to people who deleted 10 of their friends.

Mr McDonald said he was inspired by FriendFracker, where friends were deleted at random. I wanted to take the idea even further. I wanted to create a game that made people nervous."

In the last six months, Facebook has lost nearly 9million monthly visitors in the U.S and 2million in the UK, The game's launch comes at a bad time for Facebook.

In the last six months, Facebook has lost nearly 9million monthly visitors in the U.S. and 2million in the UK. Experts say as new social media sites grow, Facebook's users are deserting the network.

They say that figures are not helped by the lack of new Facebook members. It is believed that most people who want to sign up to the site have already done so. New media specialist Ian Maude said last month the fall in numbers was due to 'a boredom factor'.

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