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Pyne and the Sodom factor

Christopher Pyne has clearly been pondering the fate of Sodom.

In Genesis 18, you will recall, Abraham asks God if, in immolating Sodom, he doesn't mind destroying the righteous with the wicked. God says, What righteous? What are you talking about? Abraham says, well, if there are fifty righteous men in Sodom will you spare it? God says yes. Too right. Abraham gulps, and asks if there are twenty, will you spare it? Absolutely, God says. My oath. Abraham haggles him down to one, and there still isn't any. And Sodom burns, in what seems now a rehearsal of 9/11.

And so it went last night on Sky News with Richo pleading with Pyne to spare Gonski. And Christopher, Godlike, said he would not spare it, nay, not even for O'Farrell, nor yet for O'Farrell plus the Labor states, nor by Yahweh would he spare it, even for seven out of the eight states and territories. He would spare Gonski only if every state signed on. And if they did not, the disabled and Aboriginal and language- challenged hobbled and crippled children could burn in Hell for all he cared. He would not spare them. Not a one of them.

Barry O'Farrell on school funding reform.

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In thus impersonating the God of Israel, Christopher may have exceeded his mandate. Richo was baffled when told in arch and fearsome tones no contract would be honoured and O'Farrell must take his punishment like a man.

It may be that Christopher has become insane.

O'Farrell, thus thwarted, may feel like the visiting angel in Sodom whom the Sodomites wished to anally penetrate, and Lot, a good host, protected by offering the surging crowd his daughters in place of that heavenly arse, and he may not like the sensation. And he may soon seek his revenge.

And we will see what we shall see.

Gonski: What is, and why it's important.

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Editor: Some comments from the original posting....


23 MAY, 2013 AT 11:12 AM

Chrissy Pyne continues to reveal herself as a self serving, selfish, out of touch, rude, lying, spineless, emotionally challenged, hubristic, pathetic, ass sucking twit. A sinkhole of shit.

How the good people of SA could have ever taken this sibilant sicko seriously enough to vote for her is beyond any sort of comprehension.

She has been the chief overseer of a decline in Parliamentary standards, the architect of abuse and underhand attack. Back in school we used to call these sort of people tools, I prefer the word PRICK, though I doubt very much SHE has one.


23 MAY, 2013 AT 11:13 AM

Over the years Pyne has gradually morphed from a considered conservative open to some (but not many) progressive ideas to the shrill, nonsenical nut job we see running about the corridors of Parliament House and spewing forth all sorts of insane notions and innuendos to a largely intellectually shallow and pro-LNP biased Press Gallery.

Not knowing this comical yet boorish individual personally (not even wishing to) I sense in him someone in serious conflict with himself. Perhaps he is someone denying the murmurings of his conscience regarding the over the top nastiness directed at his political oppoents and for his role in the illegal conspiracies such as AshbyGate. Now I might be wrong. But who really cares?

The guy should be put into an insane asylum before he does any more damge to his own intellectual reputation and the country as a whole. Of course, if he is re-elected by a fully informed electorate then I would have to sadly conclude that the insanity he manifests is far more widespread than I feared.


23 MAY, 2013 AT 11:29 AM

You would wonder about the process of preselection working in the ranks of the LieNP. I'll never forget the vid of Pyne and Hockey heckling the PM when she was walking alone in the grounds of the parliament in Canberra . Little bullies. I reckon if you tapped him (Pyne)on the nose he would burst into tears. Poking his tongue out at Anna Burke too. She couldn't see it but the camera has it. Creepy, childish, little prick. Unworthy of office, like so many of the LieNP. belittle the institution of Parliament.

Frank Ston

23 MAY, 2013 AT 11:34 AM

This is the same despicable creature who was complicit in the confected case against the speaker. The bulk of the alleged offences occurred at a time when Slipper was a member of the opposition, or earlier when he was a member of the then Government, but those around him at that time saw nothing offensive in his behaviour, either his personal standards or his alleged misuse of cab vouchers.

Suddenly, when Slipper was elevated to the Speakers role, all hell broke loose, Why?

Because it was perceived to be an opportunity to unseat a democratically elected Government in order to satisfy the inane and insane beliefs of those who see themselves as born to rule.

Pyne, with his Question Time shrieking voice, bugged eyes and scarlet complexion epitomises all the forms of conduct that have morally bankrupted the opposition, and by so doing has gravely damaged the institution of parliament.

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