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by Mike.B

The Sturt Desert Pea vs The Fuschia

For people in the Australian outback the Sturt Desert Pea is held in almost mystical reverence. The difficulty in finding it, the frustration of domesticating it, and the impossibility of propagating it, gives it those qualities. And, of course being the floral emblem of South Australia also gives the Sturt Desert Pea an aura of importance. Rarely is it's beauty challenged.

The Fuschia is an immigrant, a native of South America, New Zealand and Hawaii, but does that detract from it's beauty. The Fuschia, is also very difficult to hold in captivity, it can drop dead in an instant from any one of a miriad of causes. Including a breath of wind.

But on the sinister side of it, a Law proposal claims Sturt's Desert Pea as dangerous as marijuana. Yes it's true, South Australia's floral emblem - Sturt's Desert Pea - will join marijuana on a banned list of plants under a proposed change to a Federal Government law.

This article is not about that. It's about beauty, visuals alone. Which is the most beautiful flower. If we were to run a poll on that subject, which would you choose, I find it impossible to decide.

As for the sinister side, you can read the full story [Here... ]

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