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Councils To Get More Rights Than Citizens?

Yes. If the Greens and the Labor Party have anything to do with it, your Local Council will soon have more Constitutional rights than you do as a citizen.

Australia is a rare Commonwealth nation, having a Constitution that separates it from the civil rights enshrined in the British Constitution, primarily by not provisioning for any rights of the citizen at all.

And now, the socialist Labor-Green Federal government is seeking the people to endorse a referendum on September 14, 2013, to amend the Constitution to provide the constitutional recognition of local councils.

Yes, those same councils that are regularly paraded through the Anti Corruption Commissions, or often placed under civic administration for gross financial misconduct, the same councils where an envelope of cash will secure your residential development approval, and where some Green councils have called for Jewish-owned shops in their district to display signs on shop windows so they can be easily identified for boycott.

Yes, those councils.

States are enshrined in the Constitution as before Federation they were individual possessions of the British Crown, the formation of the Commonwealth of Australia was a mechanism to unite the country and improve government but not necessarily for Federal domination.

Councils are administrative functions of State service provision, used to enrich and empower local communities and distribute the management of a large country.

By provisioning Councils under the Constitution they will be impossible to manage or govern by the States, they will be able to secure direct funding from the Commonwealth leading to wholesale social inequity, and when flagrant corruption is discovered it will be impossible for the States to curb their behaviour.

So why do this? Simple.

The Greens understand that come September 14, they will achieve less than 7% of the vote: they will lose their one seat in the lower House and almost all of their contestable upper House seats. The Liberal National Party will not preference the Greens this election, as they have to oppose their traditional foes, Labor, and this will mean the Greens as a political force will be, to all intents and purposes, gone from the Australian political map.

They (the Greens) need Council elections, where the Greens are well represented in the latte-set middle-class inner-urban tracts of the metro cities, to survive as a political entity.

It is hoping that the electorate will come to their rescue by voting for a Constitutional amendment they [YOU] don't really understand.

Luckily for us, referenda require not just a majority of votes (50%) to pass, but a majority of votes in a majority of states (effectively some 70% in the affirmative). Very few proposed amendments have ever been passed; let's make sure this idea suffers the same fate.

Do not be fooled by this referendum shenanigans. This proposal is about keeping the Greens alive, to espouse their communism dressed up as environmentalism

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