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Enterprising Palestinians smuggle KFC through Gaza tunnels

Kentucky Fried Chicken smugglers are now delivering popular fast food through Gaza tunnels 35 miles from Egypt.

After noticing how popular the fast food chain was with its employees in early May, Al-Yamama, a local delivery company, began advertising its KFC delivery service on Facebook.

As it later turned out, all the orders placed by the users of the popular website were delivered by Palestinian smugglers who agreed to transport Al-Yamama's orders because, to quote one tunnel smuggler, Abu Iyad, the tunnel business is not like before, and things are going worse.

In this respect, the recent Christian Science Monitor report suggests that KFC smugglers are motivated by economic rather than political concerns.

A network of over hundred tunnels connects Gaza to Egypt along their seven-mile border, allowing food, medicine, cars, construction materials and weapons to bypass an Israeli blockade. However, recent events have complicated the previously profitable industry.

Admittedly, since the beginning of this year, Israel has made seveal attempts to relax its Gaza embargo, which has made it relatively easy to obtain goods legally. However, not as easy as it could have been.

This seems to be working out well for Al-Yamama and KFC-lovers in Gaza. According to the Monitor report, smugglers in need of work move a meal for roughly $20 to $30 down from $200 or more only three years ago.

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