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by Mike.B

The Crows Were Better This Week

There is no doubt that the Crows played a much better game this week than previously.

I cannot help but wonder, why? Was it because they had played so badly before, or was it Sanderson's influence. In my opinion it was the former.

Apart from the first quarter, one could see the shades of Neil Craig in their game play, something that not happened in previous weeks. But in the final quarter when Hawthorn put on a spurt to win the game, The Crows were in fact like headless chooks. This I believe reflects on Sanderson's game plan, or to be more precise, the lack of one.

I had thought there was light at the end of the tunnel when, the teams were announced Thursday, that Petrenko had been omitted, ( I will say at this time, that I have no respect for a player who does one or two brilliant things in a match, and then goes missing for the rest of it, a la Petrenko), and then realised that he had been replaced by another dud in Tambling, a player of similar ilk to Petrenko. ( I honestly thought that he (Tambling) had been delisted, never to be seen again.

The season is not over yet, we are away to GWS next week, before taking on the Saints at AAMI, if we lose either of those games, it will be.

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