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09 December 2013

Dark Wallet:

The Second Most Important Creation In The History of Mankind

Years ago, when I first learned about bitcoin, I wrote that bitcoins were perhaps the most important creation in the history of man. I wrote that this technology would eventually come to topple every coercively funded state on the face of the planet. That vision is coming ever closer to reality as cryptographic technology advances.

A currency that cannot be traced or confiscated is a currency that cannot be taxed. Without taxation, governments would be at the mercy of their subjects, forced to preform only those services that people are willing to voluntarily pay for.

A currency that cannot be traced or confiscated is a currency that cannot be embargoed, enabling trade to flow freely between all producers and consumers, regardless of what mafia controlled region they happen to live in.

A currency that cannot be inflated is a currency that cannot be used to bailout failed institutions, offer phony 'insurance' schemes, or transfer wealth to a privileged few. And it cannot be used to wage war.

Dark wallet is a bitcoin wallet client that is designed to offer total transaction anonymity. The client is being spearheaded by developer Amir Taaki and activist Cody Wilson, the young man who brought us the world's first 3D printed firearm.

Following on the heels of Dark Wallet comes Dark Mail, a new system of open sourced email messaging that is being developed by Lavabit and Silent Circle. This new email system will prevent the NSA from mass-collecting emails and email meta-data.

Sign up with the Dark Mail Alliance for news and information about the status of the project.

Dark Wallet

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