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24 December 2013



Earlier this year 26 children from the Sandy Hook Elementary School Chorus were asked to sing "America the Beautiful" with Jennifer Hudson at the 2013 Super Bowl. Due to the fact that there is a significant number of people who rightfully question the official story of the supposed Sandy Hook mass shooting, this otherwise unassuming event at the Super Bowl has now received additional scrutiny. People have questioned the official story due to a number of obvious anomalies including lack of physical evidence proving that anyone was killed, lack of surveillance video showing the alleged shooter at the school, the secretive and quick demolition of the school itself only months later, an emergency drill going on at the same time as the alleged event, Robbie Parker's fake crying and much more. At this point there is very little doubt that the official story is a lie. Now new questions have been asked about the identity of the children who sang at last year's Super Bowl. Some believe that there are children in the chorus who are actually the same children we were told died during the so-called mass shooting. Although it is difficult to say if this is actually the case, there is some interesting photographic evidence that should be further examined by independent researchers. Keep in mind that it would just take one of the supposed dead children to be confirmed alive to blow this fraud open even further.

Before we get into the photographic evidence, there are a few items surrounding the Super Bowl chorus that deserves mention. The first item worth noting is that the Super Bowl chorus appears to be a completely different group of children than the alleged Sandy Hook survivors who were exploited to sing and record their own version of Somewhere over the Rainbow from the Wizard of Oz soundtrack only a month after the so-called shooting. Yes they actually chose a song from a movie that researchers have identified as playing a role in dissociative and trauma based mind control programming for the purpose of profit. If that wasn't sick enough the song is on sale at both Amazon and iTunes as part of another money making scam. It is a bit odd that they would have two completely different chorus groups. They essentially had one group do this bizarre recording and another entirely different group sing at the Super Bowl. Why would they have two completely different chorus groups?

Another item of note is that the identities of the children who sang at the Super Bowl were kept secret and this has raised even more questions. The importance of the children's privacy was cited as the reason for their names not being released which was pretty stupid to begin with. If the children's privacy was such a big concern than why were they being paraded out to sing "America the Beautiful" at the Super Bowl? Millions upon millions of people watch this event each year. It is a completely ridiculous excuse especially when privacy and Fourth Amendment protections are being consistently attacked and destroyed. Apparently they thought it was of critical importance most likely because they couldn't reveal who they really were.

The most controversial issue being raised by video bloggers and researchers is the idea that some of the children in the Super Bowl chorus appear to look like some of the children who we were told died in the alleged mass shooting. The only difference is that the children in the chorus appear to be older. What's being asked is if some of alleged victims were simply photos of children seen at the Super Bowl that were taken when they were a few years younger. In some sick way this actually makes sense. In order to successfully perpetuate the hoax it would be more difficult to prove that the dead children are actually still alive by circulating older photos of them in the media. Other children in the chorus have been easier to identify and appear to be some of the siblings of the so-called victims. With only about a month's worth of time difference between the alleged shooting and the re-appearance of the so-called victim's siblings they wouldn't have aged to the point where there would be any noticeable difference. Overall there appears to be a high percentage of children in this chorus that could potentially pass off as either one of the alleged victims or a sibling of one of the alleged victims. Such a high percentage of the chorus falling into either one of these categories is extremely odd meaning that this situation deserves more scrutiny. But why would so many of the alleged victim's siblings and possibly the alleged victims themself show up singing in a chorus at the Super Bowl?

For starters it is the last thing that anyone researching this event would expect the conspirators to do and it sounds completely insane and crazy. Anyone suggesting the possibility that they let some of the supposed dead victims sing at the Super Bowl in front of millions of people would be laughed at by most brainwashed American sheep. On top of that, it is a known fact the establishment loves to throw their crimes and frauds directly in our face. It is also possible that this was the children's reward for participating in the hoax. After all, wouldn't children that age be thrilled to attend the Super Bowl?

Of course it is impossible to say for sure if a select number of the children we are seeing in the Super Bowl chorus are in fact some of the alleged victims. At this point it is only a possibility. There are however some striking similarities between the photos of the supposed victims when matched up with some the children seen in the chorus. Specifically the photos we have of alleged Sandy Hook victims Olivia Engel, Ben Wheeler, Grace McDonnell and Caroline Previdi seem to match up fairly well with four of the children in the chorus.

On the other side of the coin, it is strange to see how this discussion has gotten a great deal of attention right around the first year anniversary of the event. Some have raised the point that this information may have been brought out in the open as part of a disinformation campaign so they can discredit the more concrete research that proves the official story of the Sandy Hook massacre is a complete and total lie. The reason being is that they could at some point choose to bring out these same children on mainstream propaganda outlets and identify them as somebody completely different. Then they can go on to tell everyone how people who question the legitimacy of the Sandy Hook incident are crazy. They could even use emotionally charged attacks against truth seekers claiming that they are persecuting their children.

Some may wonder how anyone especially the parents could actually perpetuate a hoax like this. Unfortunately this is very much in the realm of possibilities considering that many of the so-called victim's parents have setup foundations in the names of their supposed dead children asking for donations. Last summer some of them even had the nerve to claim that they were being victimized because they weren't getting a big enough piece of the donations that were coming into the Newtown-Sandy Hook Community Foundation. A Hartford Courant article published this summer mentioned how a couple of the mothers left a meeting in tears when there was no resolution as to how the money would be distributed. With this in mind, it is clear that these people do not appear to be normal. In front of the cameras we only saw fake crying but when a dispute over money came up, that's when they really shed some tears. They are sick in the mind and soul especially since they seem to be primarily concerned with the amount of money that they make off of this scam. To celebrate the first anniversary of the event, these fraudsters even had the nerve to launch a new web site to promote their phony non-profit foundations.

It should be of no surprise that we saw Kenneth Feinberg a lowlife Jewish lawyer being brought in by the Sandy Hook families to oversee distribution of funds from the Newtown-Sandy Hook Community Foundation. This is the same guy that has been involved in distributing donation funds from organizations that have come about as a result of several highly questionable events. This includes his involvement in administrating the One Fund Boston for the alleged victims of the Boston Marathon Bombing, the Aurora Victim Relief Fund for the alleged victims of the Aurora Colorado theatre shooting, the Hokie Spirit Memorial Fund for the alleged victims of the Virginia Tech shooting, the BP oil spill fund, the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund and he even determined the fair market value of the Zapruder film which captured footage of JFK's assassination back in the 1960s. What's scary is that this is only a part of his resume. It is no wonder why they wanted to bring this guy in because he has a great amount of experience distributing money to people who have been involved in various false flag and hoax events.

Going back to the original point, more investigation is needed to identify who the children in the Super Bowl chorus representing Sandy Hook Elementary School really are. The fact that they kept their names secret and the fact that such a high percentage of them could potentially pass off as either one of the alleged victims or a victim's sibling certainly raises some questions. The parents through their actions in dealing with the Newtown-Sandy Hook Community Foundation have been shown to be soul less con-artists who should be put in a prison cell. So as insane as all this sounds having their so-called dead children show up in this chorus although not definitive could be a possibility. Whether or not this is another component to the conspiracy, or if it is intentional disinformation remains to be seen. Either way, check out the video and images and match them up with the photos of the alleged victims and draw your own conclusion.

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