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15 December 2013

by Mike.B

Proof of Heaven

Mid 2013 I was admitted to Flinders Medical Centre. Two things of importance happened there. One, I underwent triple heart bypass surgery, and two, during that operation, at the time the surgeons stop one's heart to connect the veins taken from one's leg, I became conscious.

When I say conscious, I do not mean that I was awakened from the anaesthetic, but more along the lines of 'I became aware'. This awareness is quite profound, because it changes one's perspectives on life itself.

I had thought of documenting this awareness, on occasions, but not being a writer, and not able to fully describe what had happened to me, I never got around to it.

For some reason, I have taken to reading again, something I haven't done since the Internet came along and fascinated me completely. Yesterday (14/12/13) I was looking through a list of autobiographies for something to download, and came across Proof of Heaven by Eban Alexander. The synopsis intrigued me, and I downloaded it.

At various times since my operation, I have told my wife Lana, and others during conversations, that it seems as though 'something was missing from me', something inexplicable. It seems as though my whole spirituality, 'my soul' has left me. I have never dwelt on this, as it seems a bit 'wussey', and I never understood it completely.

This book, Proof of Heaven, explains fully and in detail what happened to me.

I must state, that Eban's experience was much deeper than mine, and only the very first part applies to me. I have decided to call that part, 'the waiting room'. It is very apt.

For any person who has pondered death, what happens, and where it leads, this book explains it. It details it admirably, and it is the truth, I know it is, I have been there...

Download Proof of Heaven [ epub; mobi; pdf; ]

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