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02 December 2013

by Mike.B

Australian Alliance inaugural public launch: So what is it all about?

Convener of the Australian Alliance's Public Launch Mark Aldridge (left)

The Australian Alliance is an umbrella organisation for particular interest groups in which they can form a united voice. It also has political aspirations.

The Sunday event was attended by an eclectic audience, all keen to get the Alliance up and running. There were speakers on a diverse range of topics, from Emma Dawson Spencer's wonderful speech on Animal Welfare, to Jenny Bell's speech on Patriotism.

All speakers were knowledgeable in their particular fields and entertained the enthusiastic audience with some hitherto unknown facts. I wasn't disappointed to have attended.

The Australian Alliance's Logo

During the intermission, I asked the convener of the event Mark Aldridge what he thought of the turnout. "Rather disappointing" he said, "I would liked to have seen more people here, but I have been so busy with a couple of other things that I promised to do, and I never let people down on a promise."

A quick count by myself showed that somewhere close to a hundred people showed up. Which is more than a couple of other events I have attended recently. Mark should not be discouraged, considering he, ( and many other groups ) get absolutely no coverage or exposure from the mainstream media.

Mr. Aldridge also told me that other groups around the Country were watching this event, particularly in Queensland, to assess the value of the Alliance going National.

It remains to be seen where this inaugural event will lead, but there is no doubt that a significant part of the general public knows 'something is wrong' with the system we have at the moment. The Australian Alliance has a prime opportunity to fill a void that exists in all of us.

Speakers at the event

Emma Dawson Spencer delivered a speech on Animal Welfare

Teresa McDowell gave a speech on Industrial Hemp

Greg Manual orated on behalf of FLAG, the farmers and landowners group

Anthony Forrest's heartwrenching speech on Child Protection

Jenny Bell on Patriotism

The whole event was professionally video'd, and will be available for viewing as soon as editing is completed.

As a footnote...

The Australian Alliance, as a concept, has amazing potential. Although presented rather amateurishly, with speakers representing their groups rather than the Alliance, the core values of the Alliance shone throughout the event.

There were notable non-shows, for instance, I didn't see any representatives from any of the student activist groups. Nor were there representatives from SACOSS one of whom gave an enthralling speech on North Terrace a couple of weeks earlier. However the most notable absentee was Ann Bressington, a sitting member of Legislative Council, a person whose whole platform is based on Civil and Human rights. This forum was perfect for her stance. Maybe she didn't agree with it.

Keep your chin up Mark, you can be proud of what was achieved, and you've gained at least one supporter. Me!

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