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by Mike.B

Have A Look and Listen to WikiLeaks Party Candidate

Alison Broinowski

When we think of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange springs to mind. Not only for his situation in London, but also for Bradley Manning, the whistleblower who gave us that shocking video showing US airborne troops gunning down innocent civilians.

We also laughed when Assange announced that he may stand for the Australian Senate in his home State of Victoria at the next election. Well! Readers! The next election is upon us in the next three weeks, and because of that, bigwallbling thinks you will be interested in watching a short 11 minute video interview with Alison Broinowski a WikiLeaks Party candidate for N.S.W; as she outlines the differences between Wikileaks the media release outlet, and WikiLeaks the political party. She also outlines the party platform, and policies.

Alison Broinowski WikiLeaks Party Candidate for N.S.W

Interviewer: Shane Dowling (kangaroocourtofaustralia.com)
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The exclusive video was made by Shane Dowling of Kangaroo Court of Australia. A site gaining great respect for its expose of corruption within the judiciary of Australia. Please have a look at that site.

Bigwallbling supports both WikiLeaks and Kangaroo Court of Australia

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