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Unclaimed : The Documentary

Special Forces Green Beret Master Sgt. John Hartley Robertson had forgotten how to speak English over the 44 years since he was left behind in the Vietnam War. But he never forgot that he was a father, husband and an American soldier, born in Alabama, shot down over Laos in a 1968 classified mission.

Had Hollywood told the story of the discovery of a long-forgotten soldier, found miraculously still alive in Vietnam after surviving a horrific helicopter attack and crash, it would have involved a dramatic and dangerous jungle rescue followed by a homecoming parade. Read more and watch a preview [ Here... ]


Open Your Mind to the New Psychedelic Science

Timothy Leary really screwed things up for science. By abandoning the scientific method for a mystical embrace of hallucinogenic drugs, the Harvard-professor-turned-LSD-evangelist became a symbol of '60s-era drug-fueled degeneracy. Worse, the ensuing backlash pushed these drugs underground and caused an enormously promising field of research to go dormant for nearly half a century.

Or so say some scientists who met in Oakland, California last weekend for a conference on the science and therapeutic potential of psychedelic drugs. "The antics of Timothy Leary really undermined the scientific approach to studying these compounds," psychopharmacologist Roland Griffiths of Johns Hopkins University told the audience.

But the times they are a-changin'. In recent years, a small cadre of scientists has cautiously rekindled the scientific study of psychedelics. At the conference, they reported new findings on how these drugs scramble brain activity in ways that might help explain their mind-bending effects. They're also slowly building a case that these drugs might help people with depression, anxiety and other disorders.

Watch the latest movie on this subject "Psychedemia" [ Here ] at bigwallbling...


By Sharmine Narwani

Chemical Weapons Charade in Syria

Editors Note: The wars in Iraq, Libya, and Afghanistan were/are being fought under false pretences. A decade or so later the lies have been exposed. It is amazing that the same tactics to start those wars are being used again. The Australian Government has been complicit in those wars, if only diplomatically. Nevertheless, we are being drawn once again again into the insanity of the excesses of external influences. We must realise that Governments around the world are left to their own devices, until they go against those insane power mad, corrupt, influences that will stop at NOTHING!!! Our time will come...

"Al-Akhbar" - Let us be clear. The United States can verify absolutely nothing about the use of chemical weapons (CWs) in Syria. Any suggestion to the contrary is entirely false.

Don't take it from me here is what US officials have to say about the subject: [ Read more... ]


By Matt Taibbi

Matt Taibbi is a contributing editor for Rolling Stone. He's the author of five books and a winner of the National Magazine Award for commentary

Everything Is Rigged: The Biggest Price-Fixing Scandal Ever

The Illuminati were amateurs. The second huge financial scandal of the year reveals the real international conspiracy: There's no price the big banks can't fix.

Conspiracy theorists of the world, believers in the hidden hands of the Rothschilds and the Masons and the Illuminati, we skeptics owe you an apology. You were right. The players may be a little different, but your basic premise is correct: The world is a rigged game. We found this out in recent months, when a series of related corruption stories spilled out of the financial sector, suggesting the world's largest banks may be fixing the prices of, well, just about everything. [Read more...]


by Mike.B

Have You Read The Australian Constitution?

Most Australians know we have a constitution, but don't have a clue as to what it contains. It is not a subject in schools. And it should be. ALL Australians should have at least a small understanding of what it is about. With a basic understanding of its contents, governments would not be able to get away with much of the legislation that they do now. Maybe that is the reason why it is not taught.

That being said, come September we will be asked to vote in a referendum. We are all duty bound to understand the ramifications of that referendum, here's why... [Read more...],


The Pirate Bay relocates to Iceland after Greenland rejection

Under pressure from international copyright enforcers, The Pirate Bay has relocated to Iceland. The world's largest file-sharing site moved its servers to Greenland last month but now employs an Icelandic .is domain, which will be harder to take offline. [Read more...]


TransPacific Partnership Will Undermine Democracy, Empower Transnational Corporations

The leaders of the member nations of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) pose for a group photo, November, 2010.

Our country's democratic values could be under threat if Julia Gillard fast tracks the Trans-Pacific Partnership

On critical issues, the massive Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) being negotiated in secret by the Gillard government will undermine democracy in Australia and around the world and further empower transnational corporations. It will circumvent protections for health care, wages, labor rights, consumers' rights and the environment, and decrease regulation of big finance and risky investment practices. [Read more...]


Can You Name This Australian Sportsman?

Clues and Achievements

He was born on 11 February 1982

He is an Australian professional player.

He made his first breakthrough into the top professional ranks in the 2006/2007 season.

He won the 2010 World Championship and was the world number one later in the same year.

He is the only Australian to have won a ranking event, and was undefeated in his first six televised finals.

He is considered Australia's best ever player in his sport.

He plays left-handed.

He is currently (April 25th 2013) playing in the World Championship at Sheffield (UK) where he is leading in his first round encounter.

He is ranked World No.2 with 79460 points.

For the answer and more info, go HERE


Haddin made Australian vice-captain for Ashes

Veteran wicketkeeper Brad Haddin was recalled to the Australian squad Wednesday and made vice-captain for their upcoming Ashes tour to England with Chris Rogers and Ryan Harris also making the grade.

Haddin, who has only played one Test in the past 14 months and turns 35 next week, replaces Shane Watson as Michael Clarke's deputy in a 16-man squad for the five-Test series starting in England in July. [ Read more... ]


Poll predicts WikiLeaks Party grabbing seats in Australian Senate

Having secured over 1,000 dues-paying members this past month, the WikiLeaks Party submitted its registration to the Australian Electoral Commission on Tuesday. A recent poll suggests the party has a strong chance of winning influence in the Senate. [Read more...]


Freedom v Security

With ANZAC day upon us, and the very last of those who fought that campaign having gone back to the universe. We remember their gallant and heroic deeds. We remember THEM! And rightly so! Many gave their lives, and many suffered horrendous injuries that precluded them from moving on from those dark days brought on by the lords of buffoonery that were the governments of the day. But, in remembering them and their glorious endeavours, do we forget WHAT they were fighting for?

They fought for our freedom, our democracy, our right to free speech. Yet in todays era are those freedoms being eroded clandestinely and covertly by similar government buffoons? [ read more... ]


The Official Tsarnaev Story Makes No Sense

by Craig Murray

There are gaping holes in the official story of the Boston bombings.

We are asked to believe that Tamerlan Tsarnaev was identified by the Russian government as an extremist Dagestani or Chechen Islamist terrorist, and they were so concerned about it that in late 2010 they asked the US government to take action. At that time, the US and Russia did not normally have a security cooperation relationship over the Caucasus, particularly following the Russian invasion of Georgia in 2008. For the Russians to ask the Americans for assistance, Tsarnaev must have been high on their list of worries.

In early 2011 the FBI interview Tsarnaev and trawl his papers and computers but apparently remarkably for somebody allegedly radicalised by internet the habitually paranoid FBI find nothing of concern.

So far, so weird. But now this gets utterly incredible. In 2012 Tamerlan Tsarnaev, who is of such concern to Russian security, is able to fly to Russia and pass through the airport security checks of the world's most thoroughly and brutally efficient security services without being picked up. He is then able to proceed to Dagestan right at the heart of the world's heaviest military occupation and the world's most far reaching secret police surveillance again without being intercepted, and he is able there to go through some form of terror training or further Islamist indoctrination. He then flies out again without any intervention by the Russian security services.

That is the official story and I have no doubt it did not happen. I know Russia and I know the Russian security services. Whatever else they may be, they are extremely well-equipped, experienced and efficient and embedded into a social fabric accustomed to cooperation with their mastery. This scenario is simply impossible in the real world.

We have, by the official account, the involvement of the two Tsarnaev brothers, the FBI and the Russian security services. The FBI have a massive recent record of running agent provocateur operations to entrap gullible Muslims into terrorism. The Russian security services have form on false flag Chechen bombings. Where the truth lies may be difficult to dig out. But the above official version is not true.


Enemies Of The Internet

Era of the digital mercenaries

"My computer was arrested before I was." This perceptive comment was made by a Syrian activist who had been arrested and tortured by the Assad regime. Caught by means of online surveillance, Karim Taymour told a Bloomberg journalist that, during interrogation, he was shown a stack of hundreds of pages of printouts of his Skype chats and files downloaded remotely from his computer hard drive. His torturers clearly knew as much as if they had been with him in his room, or more precisely, in his computer.

Online surveillance is a growing danger for journalists, bloggers, citizen-journalists and human rights defenders. The Spyfiles that WikiLeaks released in 2012 showed the extent of the surveillance market, its worth (more than 5 billion dollars) and the sophistication of its products. [Read more...]


The Tsarnaev Conundrum

by Craig Murray

Cui Bono? Putin. The alleged actions of the Tsarnaev brothers are a massive setback to the cause of Chechen nationalism. The Russian government have been trying for a decade to conflate the repression of Chechen nationalism with the western construct of the 'global war on terror', with very limited diplomatic success. [Read more...]

Editor's Note: Craig Murray is an ex-diplomat in the region, and has substantive knowledge of the inside workings of the various governments. His views and comments are highly respected.


Anonymous set to establish news website after successful fundraiser.

An online donations-pledge drive on behalf of online hacktivist group Anonymous easily surpassed its initial goal, ushering forward a project by one of its largest Twitter subset groups to establish a news website run by and for the organization.[Read more...]


Digital Public Library of America

The Digital Public Library of America which launched yesterday brings together the riches of America's libraries, archives, and museums, and makes them freely available to the world. It strives to contain the full breadth of human expression, from the written word, to works of art and culture, to records of America's heritage, to the efforts and data of science. The DPLA aims to expand this crucial realm of openly available materials, and make those riches more easily discovered and more widely usable and used, through its three main elements: [Read More...]


Were The Boston Bombings A False Flag Attack?

Listen to Lieutenant Colonel Potter

Then go HERE to see the images.



Based on the short story Harrison Bergeron by celebrated author Kurt Vonnegut, 2081 depicts a dystopian future in which, thanks to the 212th Amendment to the Constitution and the unceasing vigilance of the United States Handicapper General, everyone is finally equal...

The strong wear weights, the beautiful wear masks and the intelligent wear earpieces that fire off loud noises to keep them from taking unfair advantage of their brains. It is a poetic tale of triumph and tragedy about a broken family, a brutal government, and an act of defiance that changes everything.

Featuring an original score performed by the world-renowned Kronos Quartet (Requiem for a Dream) and narration by Academy Award Nominee Patricia Clarkson (Far From Heaven, Goodnight and Good Luck), 2081 stars James Cosmo (Braveheart, Trainspotting, Narnia), Julie Hagerty (Airplane!, What About Bob?) and Armie Hammer (Justice League).


World's largest optical telescope gets go-ahead: 30m mirror will let astronomers look 13 BILLION light years away!

Plans to build the world's largest optical telescope on top of a volcano in Hawaii have been approved. The plan by California and Canadian universities call for a 30m telescope, the largest ever created. The $1bn  telescope would be able to observe planets that orbit stars other than the sun and enable astronomers to watch new planets and stars being formed. [Read more...]


Gillard Gets Roasted:- We'd Love To See More Of it...

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Abbott served by Ettridge : Faces court next month

Federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott will head to court in May after papers were served on him over the weekend by One Nations co-founder David Ettridge.

Tony Abbott faces off the man he wrongfully put in prison, David Ettridge. [Read more...]


Family Guy - Boston Bombing

This episode of Family Guy was aired on 17th March 2013. Is it a coincidence? You be the judge!


Afghanistan expecting record opium crop.

Illegal poppy cultivation in Afghanistan is expected to reach a record high this year. As NATO troops withdraw and the international aid effort winds down, the country's economy is set to shrink, making other legal crops less attractive. [Read more...]


Boston - The Second Explosion [Video]


Iran's New Fake Inventions: Time Machine, 'Islamic Google Earth'

Iran's technological prowess has reached an all-time high. First it claims to have solved the metaphysical conundrums associated with time travel. Next up: an Islamic version of Google Earth, one free of the pernicious influence of the U.S., England and the Zionists.[read more...]


Is Bob Carr A Spy?

The Age exposes the Australian foreign minister as an agent; under US influence; We ask is U.S. influence in Australian politics destroying policy objectivity?[read more...]


Mysterious Sundial May Be Secret to Viking Navigation

A mysterious Viking sundial found in Greenland may have helped the ancient mariners sail at the same north-south latitude across the Atlantic, new research suggests.

The study, detailed Tuesday (April 9) in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society A Mathematical and Physical Sciences, suggests that the raiding Norsemen might have been even more impressive sailors than previously thought.[read more...]


News Item

Jurassic Park; But For Real This Time. De-extinction On The Move

Scientists may soon bring a species of frog (Rheobatrachus silus or the gastric brooding frog) back from the dead. The frog which bizarrely swallowed its eggs, incubated them in its stomach, and gave birth to them through its mouth has been extinct since 1984.[read more...]


News Item

The City of Marion Is Ready!!!

With King Kong's Bum readying his troops and missiles in North Korea, the residents of Marion decided they should respond.

Not wanting to give away any strategic locations or tactical plans, I'll just say in a side street running next to the Harvy Norman store on Marion Road, and camouflaged under some gum trees that are located adjacent to the Marion RSL the locals have positioned the best (mobile) ballistic launchers they can find.

One veteran told me 'We knew John Howard's buy back was bullshit, he offered us Sweet FA for them. In fact the Hells Angels offered us more, but we refused their offer. The Council refused to take them in the hard rubbish collection, so we kept them in a shed out the back. We knew they'd come in handy one day. Mind you it wasn't easy positioning them, we all had to go shopping at Woolies together so we could get 8c a litre off the diesel. The bloody thing used 100 litres, and we only moved it a few hundred yards. Also we're a bit short on ammo, so we're doing a bottle run to buy some. Anyway we're as ready as we can be. Just hope the shit doesn't hit the fan tomorrow."


Editors note: The following two articles are from Larry Pickering. They explain implicitly how the cheap labour market is scoping out with illegal immigrants working whilst getting $400pw government benefits. This MUST be exposed: Contact your local MP...


It was 4pm on a Friday late last month. Alex (we will call him that) sat in his car at the gate of a property north of Yarra Glen on the outskirts of Melbourne...[read more @ Pickering's Site...]


I apologise in advance for the “f” word but there is no way to adequately describe the latest Gillard immigration “initiative” as anything other than one, huge, stupid fuckup!...[read more @ Pickering's Site...]



Proponents of ‘first strike’ nuclear war against Iran rob billions from their own citizens

The Pentagon and NATO's multibillion-dollar war budgets are financed by massive economic austerity measures, impoverishing people in the US and NATO member-states in order to build advanced nuclear weaponry justified by the 'Iran threat.'[read more...]


News Item

Breakthrough in hydrogen fuel production by Virginia Tech researchers could revolutionize alternative energy market

A team of Virginia Tech researchers has discovered a way to extract large quantities of hydrogen from any plant, a breakthrough that has the potential to bring a low-cost, environmentally friendly fuel source to the world.[read more...]


News Item

You hack me, I hack you: Israeli hackers break alleged Anonymous website

Israeli hackers and Anonymous continue their cyber strife. After OpIsrael.com was defaced by Israeli hackers, the group Anonymous claimed on Twitter to have had nothing to do with the site, which they say was created by the Israeli hackers themselves.[read more...]


News Item

Kim Dotocm Wants NZ Gov't To Apologise

Kiwi officials have determined that the state spy agency that monitored Mega founder Kim Dotcom broke the law in 88 similar cases. Meanwhile Internet tycoon Dotcom is putting pressure on officials to apologize for the wrongdoing.[read more...]


News Item

Judge Rules Administration Overlooked Fracking Risks In California Mineral Leases


Short Video

Wikileaks Announces Project K Leak


Gas Leak - 4 Corners


Fracking Still Has Environmental Concerns

A short video exerpt from Business Insider. Presented by Alan Kohler.


Excesses from a Broken ALP

From CairnsNews we get this rather comprehensive list of promises broken by the Gillard government: for 3 years of time, she must be working hard to break this number of commitments [thanks to @StevensAsh]: [read more...]


Page Updated

The Fracking page is now operational, with a short video on the subject.


Gillards Broken Promises since The 2010 Election


Iceland v Cyprus

Whilst the British government is resolute in implementing its 'bedroom tax' as part of its austerity program in the face of massive public outrage, it seems Cyprus is ready to take another road...read more...


Take That - Kidz


Hans Roslings 200 Countries - 200 Years