07 September 2016
by Jamie McIntyre

Dangerous Allies written by former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser is a book worth reading.

Is The US Defense Protection Racket Straight Out Of The Mafia Handbook?

When Mr. Fraser was alive, he clearly highlighted that the apparent threats to the free world are greatly overstated in order to maintain US hegemony and largely their military weapon sales.

It’s hard to argue with his synopsis. I believe this occurs to serve the agendas of the ‘Neo Cons’ who are running a mafia style racket by effectively controlling the US Government, dictating US foreign policy for years and by being the actual creators and cause behind the rise of ISIS.
For example:

They leverage Europe by portraying Russia as a threat. They allege that Russia wants to aggressively expand its borders (even though NATO is aggressively expanding to Russia’s borders).

However, the above allegation is complete nonsense, as Russia has no intention of going on imperial adventures to take over countries. In fact, Putin is rather focused on making Russia great, as he should, and stop the neocon psychopaths from starting war after war under the guise of terrorism and risking the world’s future.

The US Defense work akin to the mafia and their protection rackets. ‘Do as we demand or we won’t defend you against the enemy’ (even if there is no real enemy).

Since Russia as a legitimate threat isn’t enough to keep Europe in line , they needed to create Al Qaeda. Similarly, in recent times they have participated in the creation and funding of ISIS to scare westerners and Europeans to keep them in line.

This allows a new so-called enemy and supposed threat to continue its mafia style protection racket under the guise of terrorism and also helps fuel a future World War III by dividing Christians and Muslims.

Not only does it pull countries into line that may want to start thinking and acting independently of what the greedy criminal cartel behind the neocons want, but it also fills their pockets by increasing massive military spending, which goes towards funding the deep pockets of the military complex, which is a central part of the criminal cartel dictating to the world its greedy agendas.

In other parts of the world such as Asia and Australia they use China, and in Australia’s case even Indonesia as the potential threat to pull these nations into line.

They expect other countries to support US Foreign Policy no matter what’s demanded and never question a thing, even when they are lying or covering up the truth.

This also includes accepting lies such as invading Iraq based on those so-called ‘weapons of mass destruction’, which never existed.

In the past, they propagated the Vietnam war by scaring people into believing that communism was spreading and would take over the world. However, in most cases at that time the Viet Cong didn’t even know what communism was. They were simply defending their homes. It was not a coordinated global war machine taking over the world, nor was it a legitimate threat, unlike what the US has been since WWII.

The neocons do this even if it means going against all the values the US and other western countries are meant to stand for, such as being the so-called defender of human freedom, exporter of democracy and a defender of human rights.

Australia has irrational fears of Indonesia or perhaps China invading us. Despite how ludicrous it is, we foolishly give our power away to be a lap dog to the US, which is effectively run by this neocon mafia style criminal carter dictating to the world how things will be.

As former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser said: Why do we have such large defence spending? To defend us against whom? What threats? We don’t have enemies (other than the ones the US will create for us if we become a foolish obedient lap dog and get dragged into unnecessary wars).

If the world woke up from its slumber and saw this mafia style protection racket for what it is, it could end most wars.

There is no major threat to world peace besides the neocons hijacking the US Foreign Policy and Military.

This criminal cartel controls the US Military and therefore gets to control the world. The US Military in fact despises President Obama, as he opposes some of the neocon agendas, especially around the Iran issue.

The US can dictate with impunity. They keep the masses distracted. Just like mushrooms left in the dark, they feed constant bullshit to people via mainstream media outlets, which the neocons either own or dictate the narrative of via their editors. Consequently, they get to influence and to a large degree control world events and overthrow country after country to create a new world order.

Their simple strategy features brainwashing the masses into believing that a certain leader is an evil dictator and that the US needs to invade the country. For example, Iraq, Libya and now Syria.

Imagine what they would do to Russia if they possibly could. Remember how the US did a coup in Ukraine and blamed Russia for being the transgressor?

Those fed western propaganda wouldn’t even believe that it was actually an American coup falsely blamed on Russia in an attempt to sanction the country and crush its economy.

Now some of these past leaders may have been dictators, however, most of them were leaders who ran their countries much better than the way it’s being governed now.

Iraq had better schools and hospitals than the US and was not a third world backward nation it is now.

Libya is a basket case now whereas it was once well run country with its people largely looked after.

Syria is a democracy. Assad is a genuine honest leader standing up courageously against the bullying US and the neocons who have us falsely believe that he used chemical weapons on his own people, even though it has been exposed that the CIA was actually behind the genocide in order to frame Assad.

Russia is also a democratic country and a free market. Putin is a popular leader with high ratings.

However, the western media would have us believe that it’s still a dictatorship and a backward communist country. Ironically, under Putin’s leadership Russia has advanced rapidly and is much better off than the US in terms of poverty, schools and a failing health system that results in the suffering of countless US citizens.

Who is a real threat to any country? Other than the US, no other country on the planet has imperialist agendas nor invades so many countries or overthrows democratic leaders at will to get their way.

China and Russia are perhaps the only two countries with any capability to invade others on scale, however, they are certainly not interested in such agendas and are definitely not a threat to other countries.

Thus, the creation of ISIS as this new supposed enemy ensures large military sales and control of the masses in the name of removing our civil liberties to protect us against a made up enemy.

So why does country after county buy so many weapons to defend itself against a phantom enemy?

Could it be because the US economy is a war economy, which is why it is desperate to keep the protection racket going, as it creates jobs and feeds the profits of the militarily complex?

World War II was a boom for the US economy and since then weapon sales have been the main driver of the economy. It needs war to exist. It’s addicted to death, destruction and the making of weapons.

This explains why the neocons need war, as they are the voice for the criminal cartel running the world that own the military complex. They have studied history and learned from the Rothschild dynasty that war is the most profitable business to be in.

Unfortunately, that’s why there is no world peace. Therefore, Australia needs to have an independent foreign policy and no longer remain an obedient lapdog to the US- a country that is not controlled by its President but by the criminal cartel behind the neocons.

Why are we supporting such a criminal mafia style protection racket and a cartel that violates human rights and our values?

We should build stronger relations with China, Russia and other BRIC Nations.

We don’t need enemies. Without both these countries being a strong counter balance to the criminal cartel behind the US, the world could completely come under the control of a dangerous group of psychopaths that won’t hesitate to kill millions just to boost their bottom line. This has amply been demonstrated since 9/11 with the pre-invasion plans of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya completed and now Syria underway.

9/11 was a convenient tragedy for the neocons who had planned the invasion of these countries before September 11. As leading neocon Richard Perle stated before 9/11:

“We need another Pearl Harbor type event in order to get the American people to support our plans”

Was 9/11 the convenient ‘Pearl Harbor type event’?

After everything they have been doing, how fortunate for them that the tragedy magically happened to support their plans!

Let’s awaken from our western slumber and cease believing the mainstream propaganda and finally expose the criminals for what they are.

We need to stop our taxpayers’ money from being used for war and the funding of death and destruction and supporting a criminal cartel leveraging us by using a mafia style protection racket.

Just think how advanced the world could become if we were to expose and eliminate the criminal cartel hiding behind the neocon agenda?

It’s time things changed. Cockroaches tend to scramble most when the light is turned onto their activities.

Let’s stop leaving the lights off and even if we dare not believe this to be true, why not investigate to be sure and simply turn the light on so they can no longer operate in the shadows of society pulling the strings from behind the scenes?