18 May 2016
by nxt.org.au

Nick Xenophon Team: Policy Principles

For us, policies are all about principles that guide our actions. These principles are set out to inform Australians of our legislative views.

Parliamentary members and candidates are encouraged to propose and debate the most workable solutions and options possible.

Ageing Population

Australia is a prosperous country built on the contribution of older Australians. Our ageing population deserves to be treated with respect and dignity and assisted where needed by government and the wider community.

Australian Made




Government Accountability

Health Care

Predatory Gambling

Privacy Protection

Regional Australia

Small Business

As Australia's largest employing sector, small business makes a significant contribution to Australia’s economy. All Australians should be encouraged to develop their own niche and/or nurture and grow their own enterprises. Government must play an integral role in fostering small business growth and in doing so reduce bureaucratic obstacles.

Substance Abuse & Rehabilitation

With one of the highest levels of substance abuse in the world, we need a total revamp to ensure those with a problem can access help. We must develop programs and an Australia wide culture that seeks to minimise addiction is the first place.


Ideally all essential utilities (electricity, water, gas and NBN) should be owned by the public. Current rules need to change to have a greater focus on the rights of consumers and small businesses.