01 March 2016
by ANR

Windsor urged to challenge Joyce for seat of New England

Tony Windsor

Former Independent Federal MP Tony Windsor has been urged to run against current MP Barnaby Joyce for the seat of New England in the 2016 elections.

According to a petition published by farmer Rosemary Nankivell on Get Up!:

“Tony Windsor – former Independent member for New England – has said he’s considering running against Barnaby Joyce. I don’t just think it’s a good option. If we want to protect our farmlands, I think it’s our only option.

“I’ve seen a few election campaigns here in my time – but this year, it feels like the 2016 election counts for double. With Barnaby Joyce as Deputy Prime Minister, leader of a party funded by coal and gas industry — he’ll be making decisions for the whole country, not just for us”, said Ms Nankivell.

Windsor, who had dropped out of the 2013 Federal Elections due to health issues, announced in September 2015 that the politics in him hasn’t gone away. The former independent federal MP said he was being “encouraged” to run not only by his wife Lyn, but also by political associates, who confirmed it is “increasingly likely” Windsor will try to unseat Joyce. “I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t thinking about it".

Leader and founder of 21st Century Australia Party Jamie McIntyre ran against Barnaby Joyce in the 2013 Federal Election. At the time, Tony Windsor claimed McIntyre was working in concert with Joyce to ensure he couldn’t win.

In an interview last year, McIntyre said he wouldn’t be running for the seat of New England again personally, as his focus for 21st Century Australia Party is to win Senate seats. However, he said his party would most likely run a candidate for New England, especially if Tony Windsor intends on running to ensure he is not elected.

“Barnaby Joyce has done a good job. He is a good agriculture minister and good for the agriculture industry, which is key for the country now- considering the mining boom is over”, said McIntyre.

McIntyre has invested heavily into the agriculture industry in New England and is finalising an agriculture fund to expand his agriculture interests.

He is a big believer in the future of Australian agriculture, as it’s a sustainable industry. With the growth of the Chinese middle class, it has huge potential, said McIntyre.

“The bottom line is, Tony Windsor being elected would only assist in a Bill Shorten government being elected. That would be an economic disaster, as it would allow dodgy unions to run the show again, akin to the Gillard government.

“We all know who is responsible for Gillard being elected, i.e. a certain person who decided to give us a Labor government, even though 92% of the New England electorate voted against the political party.

“People would need a short memory to elect Tony Windsor again and I am happy to put money into the electorate to ensure that Tony Windsor, who I feel betrayed our country by supporting a grossly incompetent Gillard government is not elected”, said McIntyre.