12 February 2016
by Atreyee Chowdhury

The terror of vaccines and the part that Big Pharma plays

In an astonishing revelation in a report on sott.net, it has been established that vaccines have been causing more harm than help to infants and babies.

Now, the animal and plant cells derive energy from the incumbent mitochondria to function the biological chemical processes. Three distinct research done on mitochondria assert that vaccines are causing a lot of induced iatrogenic mitochondrial diseases, or diseases caused by neurotoxins present in them. This should make the doctors accountable for the danger in which they have put the kids in.

How the problem occurs
The major reason behind the anomaly is the incumbent ROS or reactive oxygen species in the mitochondria. Interestingly, this was identified in 1960 but the big medical players from CDC to FDA have kept the findings in the mute. Shouldn’t it be mentioned on vaccines that they have not been tested for carcinogens and other dangerous elements? The tenet of infusing untried and neurotoxin-saddled vaccines into toddlers should be punishable. This may cause several diseases including Diabetes, Schizophrenia; Heart diseases and even Cancer. Many diseases refer to the brain and impulses.

Thiomersal ethylmercury is a major neurotoxin that can cause havoc in the formative body of a toddler and cause several diseases and adverse symptoms. The neurotoxin also comprises of aluminium, which hardly gels with mercury. The toxic nature of mercury is well-known. Vaccines that aver that thiomersal has been removed unwittingly hint that it was once involved and there may still be traces (1 microgram per dose).

Aluminum is another serial culprit and it is highly toxic. Amazingly, commoners have been drinking water riddled with aluminum for years in ignorance. Little wonder then that the psychic diseases have spurted.

Even if the aluminum is in trace amount, the total logging reaches significant 5000 micrograms when they are just a year and a half old. The impact on babies can be easily ascertained. The major organs that get affected are brain, heart and bones. The Medical giants keep rubbing people the wrong way by suggesting that the diseases were neo-natal and not vaccine-induced.

It should be noted that food habits that lack nutrients increases the chances of anomaly in neural synapses. This is suggestive and indicates that reverse therapy can actually cure kids from the diseases they get inflicted with.

The vaccines are also not working in sync with what the CDC and FDA assert. Perhaps, they have themselves lost a grip on the deflections they have been doing on vaccines through neurotoxins. They are clearly reluctant to revert to whole cell vaccine offering generic reasons, when money clearly is the main cause.

FDA, CDC and BIG Pharma are in the process of bringing vaccines on the mat that create a feeling of dependence for the body. Thus, the toddlers may just need the same vaccine multiple times to stay healthy, at least, temporarily. The suggestion is outrageous.

It is established that Zika Virus is being choked in Brazil by profuse spraying of insecticides, thus imperiling would-be babies even more. This will again open a treasure hunt for pharmaceutical companies I the habit of first creating diseases and then offering temporary solutions. The report in a February 8, 2016 Norman Swan article points fingers at the callousness of Brazilian health ministry wherein they knew about the dread of Zika virus but have associated it with deformed babies just recently.

All this smells of some ulterior game going on. Remain cautious.