09 February 2016
by ANR

ASIC abuse terrorism laws to harass and intimidate a political party founder to serve a malicious political vendetta

ASIC has stooped to new lows in its dirty tricks campaign against McIntyre, the CEO of the 21st Century Group and political party founder.

ANR has gathered third party eyewitness evidence of ASIC abusing its powers to try and intimidate McIntyre every time he departs or returns to Australia.

ASIC and McIntyre are tied up in a high profile court battle over land banking where ASIC alleges property options are a financial services product, even though no law change that made them such.

Many observers say it’s a sham allegation to tie McIntyre up in court and tarnish his reputation for politically motivated reasons.

As part of the court matter, McIntyre has to give 14 days notice when he is leaving the country until February 5th 2016.

It is believed ASIC are politically motivated to target McIntyre and are being pushed to do so by Senator Dastyari. Some claim the Senator is a dodgy unionist Labor Senator who is aiming to remove the party McIntyre founded in 2013, as it is a future political threat. It’s believed that Dastyari’s agenda is motivated by the fact that McIntyre’s party is very anti union corruption, which is a sore point for Dastyari, as it’s alleged he was elected because of his close links to corrupt unions and dealings with secret union slush funds ripped off the average Australian worker, according to The Australian.

McIntyre has also been a large critic of ASIC for 15 years, as he says they license (effectively endorse) the dodgy financial planning industry. They then tell the average mum and dad investor to only deal with an ASIC licensed financial planner, which McIntyre says has caused billions in losses to the average Australian, as it’s the licensed planners that are largely ripping off Australians and the last people mum and dad investors should see.

He says, ASIC do very little to target the banks that own 90% of the financial planning industry, as most of the ASIC staff hope to get a job in the industry after working with the corporate watchdog. Therefore, they have a huge conflict of interest. Therefore, they act in their self interests instead of looking after mum and dad investors to ensure they get a higher paying job after they leave ASIC.

Its alleged that ASIC has asked Border Force, a new agency set up to protect Australia from supposed terrorists to terrorize and harass McIntyre every time he departs and enters the country.

Third party witnesses and McIntyre himself admit that every single time he travels overseas he is pulled aside.

His bags are removed from the plane before departing thus holding up the plane on some occasions as well.

His bags are pulled apart and everything is removed and checked.

They confiscate his mobile phone and download all its contents including photos and emails and said they can share this data with other Government agencies.

When McIntyre told them his emails are commercial in confidence and if they are passed to ASIC he will sue, their response was that it is their prerogative to determine what if any data is passed to any other Government Department.

When McIntyre confronted them on the legality to do so, they said they can take any Australian’s phone at anytime and download its content and share with other Government agencies if they deem necessary.

Several eye witnesses have not only seen this occur, but also had their phones confiscated as a result of witnessing the intimidation of McIntyre.

One observer said it’s absolutely appalling that in a so called free country, Government agencies can abuse the law and behave like Nazis and take people’s phone at will and inspect all its contents such as photos, emails, diary notes, websites visited etc.

“We are becoming a dangerous nanny state who have foolishly given up our freedoms over some made up enemy invented to push through Nazi like police state laws, which as privacy advocates warn can and are used against its own people, even when it has nothing to do with terrorism”, said one observer.

When McIntyre was asked about the intimidation, he said “it’s appalling that I started a political party in Australia with some common sense policies and a stance against union and government corruption and this is how you get treated.

“If the average Australian knew that the Government can confiscate your phone without asking at anytime and download it’s contents including private photos and then share that content with whoever they feel fit based on their personal judgment, they would be appalled.

“Welcome to the 21st Century nanny state.

“Australia is no longer a free democratic country. Australians don’t realize they are being spied on already and have very little power, as most of it has been removed under the false guise of protecting us from terrorists.

“I think we should be more concerned with corruption in Government than some so called terrorists who are often funded by our so called allies anyhow”, said McIntyre.