30 April 2016
by Dee Mabsout


Dee Mabsout

The silence of the western masses regarding the blood bath in Syria, Libya. Iraq and Yemen is unusual. This silence gives license to the respective European governments and to USA to continue their military intervention in the different countries and the slaughter of the Arab people.

The only event that caused the European masses to act was the flow of refugees to European countries under Turkey's pressure. The Europeans became divided over this mater - in support of hosting the refugees or against it - without taking notice of the fact that the best way to stop this flow of refugees was to stop the war itself.

But the Europeans seem unaware of the fact that it is their governments that are starting these wars in the respective countries.

Not only they are not rallying against these unjust wars but they are not even denouncing and exposing them in the social media or in the media proper.

They simply are being complacent with their governments, even after they suffered at home the repercussions of such unjust wars. This means that- indirectly- the European masses support the wars carried on by their countries. Why they support these wars is a different matter.

They support them most probably because these wars target mainly Iran and the Resistance, the two regional forces that are threatening the very existence of Israel.

Europeans cannot adjust to this idea as it seems. They can boycott Haifa oranges, they can join BDS and call for a Free Palestine. They can rally against G4S the security company or against Ford Motor Company or against Caterpillar, they can campaign against this or that academician answering an invitation to Tel Aviv, or rally against this or that artist or music band who are to perform in Israel. They can call for the lift of the siege on Gaza and the release of the prisoners, but they cannot bear the idea that Israel might cease to exist...