13 September 2015
by John Passant

Football Federation Australia – double the Matildas’ pay!

David Gallop, head of Football Federation Australia, reportedly earns more than $1m a year.

The Matildas, Australia’s women soccer players, are paid $10,500 for a six month contract or $21,000 annually. So David Gallop earns fifty times more than a Matilda.

It says a lot about the role of women in Australian society that the Matildas, one of the most successful, if not most successful, international sporting team in Australia at the moment, is paid $21,000 a year, which is about two/thirds of the minimum wage in Australia and about half the poverty line. Oh, and before we get too swept up in the patriarchy, Gina Rinehart ‘earns’ in about ten minutes what the Matildas earn in a year.

Women’s soccer in Australia is the 7-Eleven of elite sport.

Cutting Gallop’s pay to around $500,000 would provide enough to pay the Matildas double their current salary. Even then $42,000 a year is a pittance to pay some of the best and most successful sportspeople in Australia.

I guess for the FFA it is about priorities – old white male administrators over the brilliant women who actually play the game at international level.

Because of FFA’s shabby treatment the Matildas have effectively gone on strike and won’t be playing two games against the number one women’s team, the USA.

To support the Matildas in their just campaign for a slightly less rotten wage, sign this change.org petition.

Solidarity with the Matildas in their struggle for some sort of wage justice.