15 September 2015
by John Passant

And Now For Something Different

The Liberals have tossed out Tony Abbott. The vote was 54 to 44 for Turnbull over Abbott.

This is a victory for all those who fought the Abbott government, for example the students, unionists, pensioners, nurses, teachers, Aborigines and all those who said No to the rotten 2014 Budget … Now to do the same to Turnbull and their alter neoliberal ego Bill Shorten. These magnificent campaigners gave the lead to the millions who turned against the Abbott government.

As the victory of Jeremy Corbyn in the UK Labour Party leadership contest makes clear, the way to fight austerity is to organise on the streets and in the workplaces and to develop policies that make the rich pay.

That is the way forward for those who want to fight austerity. The crisis of profitability means that Turnbull (and Shorten, if Labor gets elected in 2016) will have to ‘reform’ Australian capitalism. Reform in the neoliberal era essentially means shifting the burden of the global crisis on to workers and the poor.

The fact that Turnbull is a better snake oil salesman should not distract us from the battles to come, to defend public services, to oppose an increase in the GST and its imposition on fresh food, health and education, and to reverse the increasing inequality in Australian society, a clear example of the rich getting richer while the rest of us stagnate or go backwards.

We the people got rid of Abbott. We can get rid of the Liberals’ good cop, Turnbull, too. But we don’t want to see him replaced in 2016 with Bill Shorten as the neoliberal in sheep’s clothing.

If we don’t fight we lose. Unite and fight whoever is in charge of the bosses’ neoliberal project.