13 September 2015
by Harry Richardson

Our Constitution Foresaw Even This Anomaly

It was the torque screws that should have told me. My compressor’s cut-off switch was leaking. It wasn’t a big deal but like a fool I decided to try and fix it. They could have used Philips head screws to seal it but they didn’t.

When my compressor was built, clowns like me didn’t have torque head screwdrivers. That was the point, they meant “Keep Out”. Today however, five dollars and a trip to Supercheap had me ready to go.

Bad move. 15 desperate attempts followed. I tried to hold all the springs and bits in place while screwing it back together but it was a fool’s errand. Finally, I admitted my stupidity and threw the darned switch in the bin. That was why they put torque screws in there, DOH!

The bios on a computer is a bit like that. In the normal part of windows, it is possible to wipe out the odd file. If you get into the bios however, one wrong step and you can crash the whole system.

Windows knows this and it constantly spits out panicky messages like, “We highly recommend you to get the hell out of here ASAP!” A wise man listens at this point and calls in an expert.

Why do I bring this up? Recently, the idea of changing our Constitution is back in favour. People are no longer happy with the royals. Not that we don’t love their weddings and babies and all but they’re just not…..you know……Australian. On top of that, the aborigines aren’t getting a mention.

They were here first and yet the constitution doesn’t give them any special privileges. How can that be fair?

Before you go rushing in to change this document however, allow me to ask a question. Do you actually know what the Constitution is? Do you know why we have one? I ask this because it is an incredibly important document and if people understood its purpose, they might not be quite so keen to fiddle.

Throughout history, human societies have been divided into two parties, the rulers and the ruled. Most of the time, the rulers shout “Jump” and the rest of us ask, “How high?” Remember how communism seemed like such a great idea? Remember how some maniacal dictator always turned up and spoiled everything just when it looked so promising?

Unfortunately, that is the normal state of affairs for humans. In any group, the toughest, meanest most sadistic individual usually becomes the leader. He gets there and stays there by violence and intimidation. Everyone else follows his orders or else.

Throughout history, few nations even had a constitution. The nutcase in charge just did pretty much whatever he wanted, just like they did in communist countries. Even today, most countries’ constitutions were written by the current leaders and probably won’t outlast their rule.

Exclusively in history, one group of nations managed to wrest control and hold their rulers accountable to the will of the people. It is no coincidence that the citizens of all of these countries speak English. These nations of the “Anglosphere” developed constitutions which protect their citizens from psychopathic individuals who would normally become rulers.

The Australian, UK and Canadian Constitutions are all quite similar. Even the American Constitution shares the same basic principles and leans heavily on the English Bill of Rights. Our countries have parliaments which make laws.

Every few years if we aren’t happy we kick out our leaders and elect new ones.

Some of these MP’s probably go cheerfully enough. There must be plenty however, who don’t want to go. What stops these people from abolishing elections and remaining in power as Hitler did?

It is the constitution which tells MPs what laws they can pass and how they can pass them. So why not rip up the constitution and pass the law anyway? Why not just take over and order the army to kill anyone who objects? Our generals wouldn’t do that right? Well the current ones probably wouldn’t, but it’s always easy to find some who would. Then, any soldier not following orders would be shot. With the army onside, all opposition can be quickly and ruthlessly suppressed (read “murdered”).

Great plan. It worked well for Hitler so why not for Kev or Julia or Tony. No more whinging when you loot the treasury to rebuild your house. No common citizens daring to question your helicopter expenses.

Think they wouldn’t do it? Think again. These people look on us as economic units to be bled for their own pleasure. So why don’t they?

The simple answer is “because they can’t”. The people who wrote our Constitution were not fools. Parliament does not command the army; our founders knew they had to give that job to someone else. This was not an easy decision. Who else do you give that job to? The Parliament might corrupt them or buy them out with favours.

Our founders needed to find someone who couldn’t be bought out or corrupted by offers of power or prestige. Someone without a personal axe to grind. They came up with the Royal Family. They gave them plenty of money, palaces and prestige. In as far as it is possible; this made them extremely difficult to corrupt.

What do you offer the Royals that they don’t already have?

That is why the Queen of England (through her representative the Governor-General) is ultimately in charge of our armed forces. If Tony Abbot decides to set himself up as a dictator, he will have to persuade the Queen to go along with it or else find himself removed by the army. The great thing for Aussies is that we don’t even have to pay for this service, the Poms do.
Of course there is always the remote chance that Charles and Camilla might decide to take over Britain and Australia. The problem for them is that Parliament is in charge of all the civil institutions such as the police, the courts and the bureaucracy. In this unlikely event, there would basically be a civil war with a good chance that the instigator would end up with their head on a spike.

That is why the Queen is not allowed to enter the British Parliament without permission. When she knocks on the door once a year to open parliament, she is forced to wait for ten minutes before being allowed in. This brilliant system has protected us for centuries. Two separate powers who restrain each other with “mutually assured destruction”.

“So why don’t we learn this at school,” I hear you ask? It is because our leaders hate the Constitution. They want to tear it up, set fire to it and throw it in the bin. Then they will be free to ride roughshod over you and your family and help themselves to whatever they damn well please.

Of course we could rewrite the Constitution. It is tempting to think that we are much smarter today than people living centuries ago. Unfortunately, this is not the case. We are lazy, pampered, spoilt, naïve and inexperienced. Please don’t take that the wrong way, I love you all dearly. It’s just that we haven’t the experience of those guys. Oh sure we have Google and You Tube and information coming out of our wazoos. Sure we can build smart phones and fly to the moon. Thankfully however, we have no knowledge of things that really matter.

We don’t know what it feels like to see our neighbour arrested and burned at the stake - for attending the wrong church. We don’t know what it feels like for our leaders to confiscate our house and throw us destitute on the street. We don’t know what it feels like to be locked up indefinitely without a trial.

We don’t (yet) know what it is like to find our money is worthless because our rulers have printed so much.

None of us in the Anglosphere have experienced these kind of things. If we do, it will likely be because our rulers have persuaded us to make changes to our Constitution. Even the most benign changes, if not worded correctly, can invalidate entire sections without our realising.

The people who wrote these documents were geniuses who had been to hell and back. Every clause, every comma and full stop was hotly debated and tested over a period of centuries. The people who commissioned these documents did so after periods of awful calamity. They knew the importance of the task they had. They employed geniuses deliberately because they knew nothing less would suffice. They put men like Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and John Adams on the job.

In 1998, John Howard initiated a constitutional convention to debate changing the Constitution and Australians were invited to vote for people to attend. I well remember that one of the successful candidates was a footballer. “Oh yeah, Bazza went great against the panthers last week so let’s get him to rewrite the Constitution”. WTF!!!! Are you people serious?

This of course, is exactly what our leaders want. They don’t give a fig about Aboriginal recognition or making sure our Head of State is an Australian citizen. They want the Constitution neutered so they can ride roughshod over you and your family’s right to exist. Let me give just one small example. When Tony Blair came to power he took it on himself to abolish the heredity peerage. Sounds like a great idea right? Why should someone rule over us just because he was born into some fancy aristocratic family?

So instead of some British blue blood, he appointed Lord Ahmed and Baroness Warsi from Pakistan. These people will look out for the UK more than some British born aristocrat right?

Lord Ahmed killed a man by running him over in his gold plated Jaguar while texting on his mobile phone. Although he never seemed to show much sympathy for his victim, he was a huge financial contributor to the Labour party. Because of that, he became a part of the British Government for life (and would still be there had his anti-Semitic rants not been so extreme as to have him removed).

A few years ago, Geert Wilders was invited to address the house of Lords and warn them of the dangers of radical Islam, it was Lord Ahmed who threatened to bring 10,000 raging Muslims onto the streets of London causing the Government to have Geert arrested and deported for “threatening community harmony” before he could deliver his warning.

Not that I think Lord Ahmed is all bad. As a chilling lesson to Muslim-hugging lefties everywhere, he recently started a campaign to raise 10 million pounds to have Tony Blair indicted for war crimes.

Talk about chewing off the arm that feeds you! Still, it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

Wanting an Australian as Head of State is a fair call and I understand that. Who could have Australian interests at heart more than a true born Aussie citizen? Yet consider this. Not wanting a Pom as Head of State may be considered as patriotic but how long will it be before voting for an Australian is considered racist? If you are uncomfortable with the British Queen as Head of State then how would you feel about some bloke from Somalia or Bezerkestan waving at you from Government House?

Of course you could do what the Americans did. They clearly wrote into their Constitution that Heads of State must be American born. How is that working out for them? Hmmm.

Mucking around with things you don’t fully understand is foolish. Mucking around with something as important as the Constitution without a really good reason is insanely dangerous.

So when someone asks for your support to rewrite the Constitution, don’t even consider it. Tell them what you’d tell your 12 year old son if you found him mucking around in the bios of your computer.