10 October 2015
by Bob Ellis


I accuse the editorial columnists of our country of not criticizing Dutton and Morrison for assisting rape, kidnap and murder. Though it is criminal to do this, no editorial in a major daily has said so.

This cowardice resembles that which attended the Birthday Ballot in the Vietnam years. No editorialist said it was wrong for the responsible Minister, Malcolm Fraser, to impose it, and thousands of conscripts to be infected by Agent Orange and then sire mutant children and, in some cases, suucide. It is as vile and cowardly as that.

Rape and sexual harassment, a swapping of blow-jobs for hot showers, the buggery of children and the gang-banging of pious adolescent Muslim virgins go unpunished on Nauru, a country subsidized in billions by Dutton, and no Fairfax or Murdoch editorialist has said this is wrong. None has called for the arrest of Morrison and Dutton for people smuggling, piracy or child abuse, of which it is clear to mot lawyers they are guilty. No editorialist has criticised Morrison for provoking the riot in which sixty people were injured — shot, throat-cut, bashed and, in one case, beaten to death with pipes and a rock. Nor have they criticized him for cyberbullying two young men (‘You will not be staying in Australia’) who burned themselves to death in Geelong.

This craven permissiveness of manifest evil resembles that of the Vichy regime, which allowed the capture, export and murder of Jewish schoolboys born in France in the Holocaust years. They should be ashamed of themselves. They should issue an apology, and resign.

The Guardian is an exception to this; and also, some nights, 7.30.

When one editorial, just one, in the Age or the smh calls for these Ministers’ arrest, I will be gratified.

Till then, I am not surprised.