12 November 2015
by ANR

Senator Sam Dastyari accused of being involved in dodgy union deals worth $270,000

Labor senator Sam Dastyari is accused of allowing over $270,000 AUD in union funds to be transferred to the account of a former state MP to supposedly “bring peace” between the ALP and the NSW branch of the discredited National Union of Workers, the trade union royal commission heard recently.

Former NSW Labor MP Paul Gibson exposed the Labor senator’s role while explaining why he had received $271,566 AUD from the NUW from 2012 to 2014. According to Mr Gibson, the NSW ALP and the union have not been on good terms for the past 25 years and his role was to ensure that both ALP and the union “worked together.” He also revealed that the payments were under a verbal arrangement with former NUW state secretary Derrick Belan, who was “probably backed” by Mr Dastyari to unite the parties, and was “very successful.”

He claimed that these parties were in disagreement, but the results were there: when Sam Dastyari went in Senate, he thanked Derrick Belan in his speech, something that would not have been possible a few years ago. His comments fuelled further questions about the wrong use of union funds and came after records released by the commission showed that Mr Belan’s credit card was used to pay for the services of dating websites Match.com and Cupid, a tattoo parlour and an indoor skydiving centre. Plus, it also paid off a $1000 AUD loan at a pawnbroker over a few months in 2014. Mr Belan had to face allegations that he used union credit cards for personal use.

Mr Gibson told the commission he agreed to bring peace between the union and the Labor Party and admitted that it wasn’t easy to make them talk to each other. He claimed the idea was Mr Belan’s and he was “probably” backed by Mr Dastyari. However, he failed to reveal that he was paid beyond the point where in his mind “harmony was reached”, probably in late 2013.

Senator Dastyari told The Australian he didn’t know about the financial arrangements between Mr Belan and Mr Gibson, but acknowledged there was a mission to bring peace between the party and the union.

The Union’s national office said the national union is angry at accusations of criminal behaviour by some people from the Belan family. Union organiser Nick Belan, Derrick’s brother, said a written authorisation for spending was not required. His cards showed that he had spent $933 AUD at Ticketmaster, $878 AUD at the Apple Store in Singapore and $1,885 AUD at a Good Guys this year, which he conveniently could not recall.

It is becoming apparent that to achieve any success in the Labor Party one has to do the dirty work of corrupted unions, such as getting involved in the use of secret slush funds ripped off the average Australian worker in most cases, said one voter.

The Mafia like union control over the Labor Party ensures that only those willing to leave morals and ethics aside will make it in the Labor Party.