20 November 2015
by ANR

21st Century Australia Political Party releases its 2016 Foreign Policy Position

One of Australia’s newest political parties that was denied from running in the 2013 Federal Elections at the last moment, but is now registered and able to run in the 2016 election has released its Foreign Policy position.

In light of the Paris attacks, maybe it’s time Australia has a real debate about its current foreign policy position, which leaves us exposed to attack.

Party founder Jamie McIntyre who has had an uncanny ability to predict trends said, “Australia should heed the warning of Former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser and be wary of dangerous allies such as the United States.

“Australia should have a more independent foreign policy and move towards a closer relationship with BRIC nations. We should only remain allies with the US on the condition that the US lives up to its supposed values of human rights, protecting human freedom and democracy.

“Australia should adopt an approach that is more akin to Switzerland’s and take a more neutral stand to avoid the loss of credibility by being seen as lap dog for the US”.

McIntyre goes on to explain:
“If we made this shift, we could become a powerful mediator and powerful broker between the two global competing forces of the US and Israel and the BRIC nations. Moreover, we would be in a position of strength, and not weakness. “Also, as China is our largest trading partner, we should not risk the relationship by being to closely aligned with the US, which only creates unnecessary enemies for ourselves. This is largely because its power is unravelling, as it becomes increasingly exposed for sponsoring state acts of terrorism.

“Moreover, in the event of World War III, it’s secret military bases in Australia would only make our country an unnecessary target. “Since Russia and China are both significant world super powers, it makes little sense to create an enemy of either and it’s foolish to not foster strong respectful relationships and do what’s moral and ethical. We should support the nations that wish to see world peace and no longer support the invasion of other countries because the US wishes to abuse its super power status.

“The US Intelligence lied to Australia and former Prime Minister John Howard, which led us into Iraq- a war based on deliberate false intelligence. Malcolm Fraser noted they also lied to us about Vietnam and led us into yet another wasteful and unnecessary war.

“Do we not see the pattern? Why should we believe the US about Syria?

“We should show more support for nations such as Russia who are actually taking a stand against ISIS, whereas the United States needs to firstly explain to its own people and allies why it has trained and funded ISIS as a US Intelligence asset to overthrow the Assad Government for its imperialistic goals, yet not be held even partly accountable for the apparent ISIS attacks in Paris”, he questioned.

(The US leaked declassified documents, which confirm US Intelligence agencies trained and funded ISIS and used it as an asset. Therefore, unfortunately it’s no longer a conspiracy theory).

He further explains:
“There is no war on terror? Only those seeking to fool westerners to give up their freedoms over a self created enemy and an enemy the world’s largest military power supposedly can’t destroy? They used to lead us into wars by lying to us that the communists were coming to take over the world. That doesn’t work anymore; therefore, its replacement fear mongering is that terrorists are coming to take over the world. However, this time be really scared as they’ll be coming in their US Funded Toyota Hilux’s, not to mention, the US also paid for weapons. “When are we going to talk about the real issues and cease the propaganda in Australia? Are we intelligent enough to see what’s really going on or will we continue to allow ourselves to be manipulated by fear?

“Who will protect us if we don’t have the ANZUS treaty, many will question. Two answers:
“One- we are delusional if we think the ANZUS treaty offers us any real protection in the event of war. And secondly protect us from who? “We don’t have enemies other than the one US will create for us if we remain overtly dependent on them. We should learn from World War II.

“We were tied at the hip to the British Empire fighting their wars, yet when it come to our hour of need, the British were too busy or too distracted to help us. Singapore fell in less than 24 hours, thus leaving us as a nation exposed. Over reliance on empires past their ‘use by’ date is very foolish.

“Australia doesn’t need to create enemies. The next two largest powers in the world are China and Russia. Neither poses a threat to us. We should secure strong respectful relationships with both and be a mediator to smooth the friction between them and the US and Israel. Only then could we play a useful role on a global platform.

“We should be part of the solution as a nation and not remain a part of the problem”, he said.