08 May 2015
By Peter Wicks

Dogma – The attack on womens rights continues unabated

Fred Nile wants women to view an ultrasound of her live foetus before having an abortion, and then hold the dead foetus for three minutes post abortion.

Fred “I don’t want to hear about common decency” Nile

Fred Nile, the crazy so-called Christian with the balance of power in the NSW upper house would like us all to go back a century or two.

As reported in The Guardian, Nile has his agenda laid out for himself, and firmly in his sights is the women’s right to choose.

The abortion debate was revived in NSW long after most thought it was well past its use by date by the former Coalition Attorney General Greg Smith. Smith, who was happy to cruise around the Whitsundays on a yacht with the millionaire Gazal family at the centre of ICAC hearings along with his fellow extreme religious right cohort David Clarke, attempted and failed to pass legislation known as Zoes Law which sought to classify an unborn foetus as a living being for legal purposes. This legislation brought on by the sad case of a woman who lost her unborn baby in a motor vehicle accident many saw had the potential to see murder charges brought against anyone terminating a pregnancy.

Fred Nile now tells us he wants to bring in his own version of this legislation, however he also seeks much more.

Fred Nile has said that he wants to make it law that every woman seeking to terminate a pregnancy be made to view the foetus via an ultrasound first.

Is it just me or does that seem a little over the top and at times rather cruel?

Perhaps later Nile would also like to put forward legislation that mothers should also be forced to hold their aborted foetus for three minutes?

Fred Nile is clearly either so out of touch with reality or seeks to put his own religious beliefs and dogma ahead of the welfare of not only women but also children.

There is a saying that goes along the lines of;

“Any fool with a dick can be a dad, but it takes much more than that to be a father”

There is a similar saying for mothers, but I’m sure you get the picture.

Fred Nile however does not get the picture, not even fucking close.

I too would like to see legislation put through that puts in place some new laws, but won’t hold my breath.

One law would be that Fred Nile and others of his ilk are forced to go to the crime scenes of children that have been born into horrific conditions and treated woefully by parents who couldn’t afford an abortion and only get noticed after neighbours complain about a smell and the Department Of Community Services are called in to find a baby starved to death and covered in cigarette burns that has been rotting on a urine soaked mattress for weeks.

Or perhaps a law that forces people like Fred to go and witness counselling sessions with rape victims who have been impregnated by their rapist. Force them to sit there and witness the anguish of a 15-year-old with their life in tatters after a violent attack has left them mentally scarred and suicidal. Then again someone like Fred would probably blame the skirt she was wearing before blaming the perpetrator…

Perhaps when a baby is born with an addiction to heroin, crack or ice, Fred could be there to pass on his wisdom to the child writhing and convulsing in agony for the whole three days that it remains alive. A short life of torture that Fred would rather revel in the agony of than see the hapless child spared the pain.

With modern technology we are now able to determine if a baby will be born with many of the most severe disabilities. Many of these disabilities would guarantee a life of needing 24 hour care, and inability to communicate, and the most basic of functions such as eating and going to the toilet needing help with. In these cases Fred would like to roll the dice and pray for the miracle that happens to one in a million. For those with a real heart these are not odds that are even remotely acceptable.

The man who was happy to see his Christian Democrat candidates intentionally set out to deceive and mislead voters, and is once again misleading voters with his rubber-stamp pseudo inquiry Into the Coalitions power privatisation push, has no interest in the rights of women and has no understanding or care about the concept of “quality of life”.

Fred’s only real use is that he is a fine example of why when politics and religion are mixed it doesn’t produce a good cocktail.

It only produces cocks.