04 May 2015
by John Passant

Shut down their communities, not ours

It does seem pretty simple to me. You shut down our communities we’ll shut down yours.

Now, I am not Aboriginal but I stand in soldiarity with Aboriginal people as they lead the campaign against the closure of up to 150 remote communities in Western Australia. These communities are our communities.

The campaign to defend the communities will only be successful if it draws in larger and larger numbers. The Melbourne mob, about 6000 of them, shut down the centre of Melbourne on Friday night in a stark reminder to the rest of Melbourne of the impact of closing communities can have and the level of resistance to the move that already exists.

Civil disobedience has a long and often successful history. First it brings the issue to the attention of a wider audience. Second it brings some on board. third it builds momentum to turn a minority of supporters potentially into a majority.

Let’s hope that the protests against WA remote community closures continue and grow and that demo's in other cities adopt the ‘close down the centre’ approach. That brings attention not only to the genocide that is closing down remote communities but rallies the community and their supporters.

We should be threatening and building more and bigger protests and city centre sit-ins against the closure of Aboriginal communities in Western Australia. Let’s give the one percent a taste of their own medicine. Shut down their cities.