09 June 2015
by Bob Ellis

The Liberals (cont...)

Abbott gave no knighthoods to anyone, having been advised by his masseuse Credlin not to give one to Pell, his confessor, until his many crimes against suicidal children had been ‘sorted by the courts’, nor to his friend Hollingworth, the paedophile protector, as ‘he had one already’.

Dutton was denounced in the smh by Dick, a lawyer, for proposing to end democracy. Triggs was denounced by Dutton for trying to preserve it. How dare she, as Human Rights Commissioner, he railed, have a view on human rights, and what Indonesia thinks of our record on them? Compared by many commentators with Rumsfeld, Mugabe and Eichmann, Dutton ascended quickly into the demonology of everyone to the left of Cory Bernardi and was thought by historians to be ‘already more hated than Morrison’, not least for empowering peeping-toms to photograph Hanson-Young in the shower.

Fran Kelly, a Liberal voter, said it was the duty of government to ‘step in’ and prevent Muslim children being ‘groomed’ for ‘the dark side’ by ‘extremists’ online. She did not reflect on her own religion, Catholicism, for nine hundred years grooming children for the dark side of pederastic fondling and so provoking thousands of adolescent suicides, which it was government’s duty, now, according to her logic, to ‘step in’ and ‘prevent’. She did not, being a fatuous cloth-head, understand that doing this, abolishing religious freedom on the eight hundredth birthday of Magna Carta, was not a good look. She then twice called the Rudd/Gillard miniseries ‘The Killing Fields’, thereby subconsciously accusing two Labor leaders of genocide in Asia. It was not thought this evidence of early senility warranted her sacking, however. ‘Look at Tony Abbott,’ Mark Scott said, ‘He’s worse.’

Fran talked also to a man called Hamish of the possibility that ISIS might be on the verge of developing chemical weapons, as if they were cavemen discovering fire. She did not note that ISIS, who were Saddam’s colonels, staff officers and bureaucrats, had used chemical weapons on Kurds in the 1980s, thirty years ago, and had not forgotten how to make them. She thus repeated the WMD nonsense of 2002, as a loyal Howardite fuckwit would: we must ‘step in’ before the ‘dark side’ invents the wheel. More to come.