16 June 2015
by Peter Wicks

Welcome To The Terrordome – Terror not an issue as armed men in balaclavas roam Victoria

We live in a country with a government that claims to be tough on terror. Laws are being toughened up, our border protection set to DEFCON 4, and debate rages over whether government should have access to our META Data (if only we could find a politician to explain what it is).

Millions maybe Billions of taxpayer dollars are being spent on surveillance based on concerns of the next Man Monis strolling in somewhere with a shotgun and seeking to strike fear into the hearts of our nation.

Whether or not this spend is justified, and how many of our freedoms we are willing to give up to protect those freedoms is a debate that will no doubt rage for years to come.

However are we really safer for any of it?
Is our security level really beefed up to a level we should be comfortable with?
We have heard disturbing reports of groups of armed men wearing camouflage gear and balaclavas that were spotted over the long weekend in alarmingly close proximity to families enjoying a long weekend away.
Terrorist with a gun
Public Threat – Terrorist with a gun

These men, who could not be named due to the fact that they were intentionally hiding their identity were armed with shotguns and were carrying hundreds of rounds of ammunition.

Despite the threat of heavily armed men with balaclava’s I don’t believe that any arrests were made, nor do I believe that any change was made to the countries terror threat level.

How can a country that claims to be tough on terror allow this?

Well, in Victoria apparently heavily armed groups of men in balaclava’s roaming the countryside doesn’t ring any alarm bells.
An all too familiar pose from men in cap gear and balaclavas

You see it’s the last weekend duck-hunting season in Victoria. What that means is that less than a week after a shooting occurred in a road rage incident, the states motorways are packed with vehicles loaded up with men and women and their firearms all of whom are desperate to shoot something. If you think that sounds like a scene from the new Mad Max flick, then your probably not too far from the mark.

Those of us who come from a civilized society, like say NSW or QLD must breath a little easier knowing that if heavily armed men disguising their identity would usually bring about a response from a SWAT team.

However in Victoria, South Australia, and Tasmania, public safety and terror threats must be things of little concern. I guess these states fall into the “soft on terror” category.

Apparently No Threat - A Victorian hunter that doesn't want you to take your kids to feed the ducks

Whether or not you think duck hunting is a sport is completely irrelevant, although I tend to think sport involves a team or individual of equal standing to compete against, not a defenseless bird versus a heavily armed bloke with binoculars.

I believe hunting is a skill rather than a sport, not unlike playing PlayStation or X Box. This will continue to be my view until someone finds a way of arming the ducks so they can shoot back.

In the meantime, maybe its about time we used the common sense approach and took the heavy weapons off our roads and out of the hands of all who don’t have a real need for them. There are other ways to practice a skill without having to arm yourself to the teeth.

After all, Man Monis didn’t stroll into the Lindt café carrying ax X Box control pad.

How serious are we really about terror?